With all the radiation fear, can someone from Tokyo let us know how is everything there? Still have tremours? Is the seafood safe to eat?


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


There is no radiation fear in Tokyo - only foreign media hype. I live in the middle of Tokyo and did not evacuate after the earthquake or even when it was reported that, after rain, there was a slight increase in radiation in the water supply. Seafood is still continuing to be sold (although seafood from the Fukushima area is on sale) and tremors continue on a daily basis but the frequency and magnitude decreases with each day. In short, there is NO reason why someone should be concerned about personal harm if visiting in the near future.
Everything is fine. What people need to know is that there are a whole lots of OTHER cities around the world with background radiation MUCH HIGHER than Tokyo, even as we speak. Aftershocks will continue for sometime to come but otherwise everything is usual in Tokyo (you will just see more power saving efforts being made). Seafood is safe because they obviously won't serve seafood caught around the nuclear power plant or contaminated area. Remember, MOST of Japan is safe and unaffected and there is no need to worry about visiting Tokyo and the rest of Japan at all. Enjoy our trip to Tokyo!
No need to worry!!! I live in Kanagawa prefecture which is right next to Tokyo, but I don't have any fear of radiation at all!! I rather think that since many of the people kind of avoid coming to Japan right now that a lot of the hotels are having discounts, which means it is the best time to come visit if you are considering;)
While the situation around Fukushima remains a concern it is not a danger to Tokyo.
The real fall out is from fear:
As many as 560,000 people have canceled hotel reservations nationwide since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, the Japan Tourism Agency said Tuesday.
As the figure as of April 8 does not include the cancellations in the disaster-hit prefectures, the total number must be even greater, it said.

For the people in the disaster sticken area it is had to imagine what it would be like to lose everything in a day. It is not comparable to the rest of us who have felt only the economic impact and the shaking of the earthquakes.

Natural disasters can and do happen almost any place so it is hard to think one would find a place that is safe from them.

What Japan needs is for people to realize that except for the devastated areas it is as safe as it ever was and that is a lot safer than any other place.
I pray this would be a blessing to know for you. Tokyo is fine to visit also you know we need more visitors to support the country's economy to vast again since there is not any trouble about radiation here for eating food and all that just too many hypes in Western Medias and YouTube or even other internet information... Please visit Japan now with many people things are cheaper than before in certain areas to visit... Food is all right just few changes are light off and so on might happen in different places for saving electorisity like some escarator is not moving or elevator is stopping in stataions for saving and so on rather than that it is not so difficult to stay also nice to see people are trying to help one to another in NORTH also.... Please consider visit Japan thanks
No one is talking about radiation here in Tokyo anymore. Still several large tremors per week but nothing too scary. Power conservation still in effect with many shops using less lighting and buildings restricting elevator and escalator usage.

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