Heading to Peru tomorrow...any suggestions on cool stuff to check out?


Country: Peru


You should go to downtown, check the main square, go to chinatown, Cerro San Cristobal tour and have a nice view of Lima, then you can go to Miraflores anda Barranco, there's too many things to do.
Though it depends on your preferences, budget, time and likings, I will certainly reccomend paragliding over Miraflores, it costs around 50us$ and really worth it. There is also the traditional tour around downtown which is nice, if you don´t like organized tours the best is to hire a cab for a number of hours and use it to get downtown, have it wait to take you off there past your visit (downtown is nice for sightseeing and getting out of there....way to polluted). If you´re going to ruins in the andes it is not worth it to see the ones on the coast (in the andes they are built on stone, in the coast on mud bricks or 'adobes'). If you have any time left the national museum offers a comprehensive summary of peruvian history, though that could be as well done checking wikipedia :-)

hugs and welcome

Hey Sergio,
Just one comment: how can you say that the ruins on the coast are not worth it? Trujillo (especially Huaca de la Luna) and Chiclayo have some very very cool ruins to offer, that in my opinion (and I live in the Andes and do several tours to ruins) can certainly compete with those in the mountains, especially in terms of decorations and art; sooo beautiful. Right?
Un abrazo,
Peru is plenty of options to see and visit.
A new, interesting and attractive way is by bicycle. If the idea appeals to you, visit my website and then contact me. I can make your visit to Peru a once in a lifetime experience.

Well, you have a lot of things to do in Perú but I'd recommend you to visit museums and go to the Archaeological Center of Caral, of course it depends on what kind of tourism you want. For more info just send me and e-mail to:
Haha, wow, such an open question for such a great country like Peru! Only on archaeology you can spend months here! "Cool" adventurous can be done on the coast (sandboarding, sandbuggies, surfing some of the world's best waves) and in the mountains (mtb, paragliding, hiking, rock climbing, etc) where maybe Huaraz-Ancash would be the best destination.
Of course I should also recommend you some community-based tourism; there are some initiatives that have impressed all travellers for being truly aythentic experiences; showing the real Peru.
Good luck in making your choice! :-)
Just grab a couple of different brochures on your way trough inmigrations & customs, get youself a SAFE Taxi and off you go. There are too many places to go and exhibits to see. Won´t get bored....
hi , welcome to my country inadvance . well i recomend you can visit lima center , main squere , there see colonial building , visit the church of san francisco . visit the beautiful district of miraflores and barranco . well if you need any help . just send a message to m y email
,you could go see nature ,museums ,etc


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