Booked my flight to Beijing today - Comes with a 12-hour layover in #Tokyo! What should I see?!


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Which airline you are using and time wise what time you are arriving in Narita? 12 hours is not so long to come out from Narita or Haneda to Tokyo area. If you need some help you can call me my number in Japan is 08040671576 My name is Ruth Oosterwijk. You are welcome.... You can come and see us in Tateyama,,, But 12 hours is a bit short also timing wise as well.... Where are you going from Japan?
If you only have twelve hours you might want to spend it in Narita City. 12 hours is not much time to travel and sight see in Tokyo. It is a short ride from the airport on the Keisei Liner. They have the Naritasan temple grounds which is quite large, a traditional shopping street with lots of good eats and a great bar called the Barge Inn.

You should definitively visit the temple Naritasan. It's just one stop next to Narita Airport and very easy to find from JR-Narita or Keisei-Narita station. Also nightlife in the shopping streets around the temple is worth to join. With this plan you will see one of the most famous temple grounds of Japan and also experience a little bit of Japanese culture. Also your trip won't continue too stressful since everything's close to Narita Airport.
If you are transiting through Haneda, the terminal itself has a planetarium cafe. The Odaiba area is also great, especially if you enjoy Fuji TV as their HQ is there. There is a large ferris wheel and shopping center, as well as a replica of Lady Liberty!
Probably visiting Asakusa makes you feel like you've come to Japan! and it's not too far from Narita:)

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