where to visit ard Tokyo for snow ard 12 dec?


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Normally there is no snow in Tokyo at this time. If you are lucky and it is very cool, there might fall a little bit snow in January.
The closest area to Tokyo with snow might be Mt. Fuji but if you want to go skiing then I would suggest you to go to the mountains in the west or north of Japan or to a ski-resort.
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I agree with Mr. Franzi, too.
Usually Tokyo has no snow Dec. but we get snow on sometime of Jan. and/or Feb. Also we don't have snow accumulation on the road.

If you want to see snow from hot spa, I recommend to visit Hakone spa area. We call "Yuki-mi-furo". Yuki means Snow. Mi means look and see. Furo means hot bath.
There are a lot of spa ryokan and hotels.

Hakone heights area has quite snow rather than Tokyo.
You can access to Hakone area by Odakyu train within 2 hours from Shinjyuku Sta. of Tokyo city.

If you need further assistance, please let me know.

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From the end of November you may be able to have good snowfall up in Nikko which is a popular tourist site accessible quite easily from Tokyo by train. One of my happiest memories was going to Nikko at the end of November in 1989 and proposing to my wife overlooking a frozen pond on a bridge with icicles dangling from the trees.
Thank you all for yr advice! We were also told to try Karuizawa in Nagano which might have some early snow. Any idea where to stay there? We have families with kids :)
Tokyo doesn't get much snow during the winter, it doesn't get cold enough. The usual temperature is between 0 to 10 C. If you want to see snow or go skiing, I recommend going to Hokkaido, Niigata or Nagano.

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