I'm researching what I'll need for visas. O_O Where do I go for official info on Jordan's visa situation?


Country: Jordan


you can get visa from the airport
Dear Sir have to go and find the jordanian embassy in your country do the google search and find it and contact them and ask how to get a VISA it's easier from jordanian embassy to have a visa and Good Luck ;-)
It depends on what nationality you want to enter Jordan with ? and to be more precise contact Jordan's embassy or consulate and they'll answer you clearly.

the link above shall provide you with Jordan's embassies all over the world, and I hope thats helpful for you.

Ahmad Atwah
Hi there :) most nationalities can get the visa in Amman ( queen Alia airport (AMM)), Like American, British get the visa at the airport amd it cost about $15-20. In both cases contacting the Jordanian embassy will be your nest option.
To see more about Jordan please go to ().
Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions.
most of the nationlaites can get the visa instantly from the ariport for a month and can be renewed for 3 months
Dear Sir,
you welcome to come to Jordan and regarding the visa you can get it upon arrival but there are some nationalities you have to get the visa from the embassy at you country so if you would like to know if you can get the visa upon arrival you can e mail the JTB airport office and they will immediatly answer you regardingyour nationality .
and for sure you will get the answer immediatly .
Abdulmo'ez Esleem

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