3 days till #China! Is it better to exchange money there or before you go?!


Country: China


Both is OK, you can exchange money at Bank of China when you are in China
It depends upon the currency you are carrying. (The country you are from) All banks in China can accept USD or Euro, but conversion from many other currencies may not be possible. Thus better to exchange before you reach China
If you have a valid credit card like VISA or Mastercard you can get cash at any ATM (almost). That is probably the cheapest way to handle cash in China.
Changing at banks could involve long waiting and paper work.
Exchange in China
will advise u to exchange some in your country, then when u reach china, go to Bank of China or major bank, never go to any money exchange shop, u might end up getting fake note since u will not recognize or able to differentiate it. :)
Yes to all the above. Bank of China definitely the best bank for exchange - it's not the best bank for everything, but exchange is definitely much easier through them. That said, nobody mentioned hotels - we usually avoid them like the plague, but in China you'd be surprised the rates are pretty good.

Bank experience is slow and troublesome. Exchange in China require passport as this is part of the "regulation" you hear about so much these days - China can keep its currency artificially low by regulating exchange quantities, and with passport everyone is tracked to a maximum of $50,000 USD only (amongst many other measures, of course).

IF you're coming from Hong Kong, there are loads of exchange places though - and that would be your best option.

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