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$45 from jfk to any ONE destination in manhattan. plus tolls and tip.
45$ cab or you can take the Airtrain which costs 5$ and drops you off at Jamaica Station where you can take the E, J or Z subway back into the city, the E is probably the quickest line. You could also connect to the LIRR at Jamaica and take that into Penn Station for a more direct route than the subway
The cheapest way is to take Air train to either Howard Beach A train or to Jamaica/Suthpin Blvd. E train. Otherwise take taxi, buses, shuttles...
The cheapest way is to go walk. JFK the world bigest airport. I don't think that this question is real.
However there is many combination of transportation.
The best and less problematic is taxi
When in line for a taxi, ask others if they are going near to your destination. Share the cost.
There is a wide range of services. The absolute cheapest route is a local city bus to a subway (metro) station. The total cost is $2.25 (or less if you buy a multi-ride MetroCard, see below) and the travel time to midtown Manhattan can be more than three hours. It's also difficult to carry large amounts of luggage on city buses. You can catch the Q10 bus only at Terminal 4 (arrival level).

The AirTrain stops at every terminal and can get you to midtown in 45-90 minutes. Please note that three different trains stop at each station: one offers a free connection to all passenger terminals, one takes you to the Howard Beach station on the "A" subway line, and the third takes you to Jamaica Station, where the "E" subway line and the Long Island Rail Road are available. The Air Train costs $5, which you pay when you leave and does NOT include connecting transport. The LIRR connection is the fastest and most expensive: $5.75 on weekdays, $3.50 on weekends. The subway (like city buses) costs $2.25 a trip, though you can save money by buying a discount Metrocard. This is the electronic card you use to pay your fare. You get a 15% bonus if you put at least $8 on a card. You can also buy unlimited-ride cards for one day ($8.25), 7 days ($27.00), 14 days ($51.50), and 30 days ($89).

More convenient and somewhat more expensive, express buses from all terminals will take you to midtown (Grand Central, Penn Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal) in 40-60 minutes for $15.

Quickest and most expensive is the taxi. As noted elsewhere, the city has a flat-fare program ($45 per person) for trips to Manhattan. Look for official taxi stands and dispatchers to take advantage of this program. Cabs are available to other parts of the city, at rates determined by the meter. If you are visiting friends or family, ask them for advice and an estimate of the fare. JFK airport has long attracted a certain number of unscrupulous drivers who seek to trick newcomers out of their money, so the more detailed your directions and expectations, the less likely you will be gulled.
take a taxi quickest and safest
Just get your luggage and follow the signs that read ground transportation. Look for line for NYC Yellow Medallion Taxi.
The line moves very rapidly. Put your luggage in the trunk of the Taxi, tell the driver your destination. Sit back and relax. In 30 to 45 minutes you will arrive at your Hotel. Make sure to ask for a reciept. The reciept insures 100% accountability with NYC government. The fare is about $ 45.00. Be sure to tip about $ 10.00. No tipping a driver is a slap in the face and a hugh insult to the driver. Total coast $ 55.00. The best ride you will ever get for the money. There are not bargains in NYC.

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