Planning a scuba diving trip to Thailand for Nov/Dec. Any travel recs? Also plan to do a cooking class in Chiang Mai.


Country: Thailand


Suggest you go to the west coast (Phuket, Krabi) at that time as the weather conditions there will be slightly better than on the east coast (due to the northeast monsoon). Look already now for special flight rates by AirAsia, NokAir etc etc.
There are many cooking schools in Chiangmai, good ones and the opposite, too
Listen to recommendations from there..
hi, actually the south of the eastcoast had bad weather, the north, meaning Koh Chang does not have monsoon then, we actually have very nice weather in december, not too hot, but nice and warm, no rains. The diving here is nice, although we do not have deep diving like on the westcoast, on the other hand koh chang is a great island to spend a week or so.... more info on the diving if you like at

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