Can I get a list of great local restaurant in San Fransisco, CA?


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


Cajun Pacific on Irving is amazing if you're way down by Ocean Beach. You need to get a reservation. Try . Need a list? Check out and its Dine Finder at
If you want Deem Sum try Yank Sing . It is pricey but the service is good and the food is very good. Dont miss the Shanghai Dumplings.
Globe - has great food and they serve late night. Pazzia has the BEST Italian pizza and food and is near the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), Steps of Rome (the little one, up the hill from the big one) has great CHEESY Italian food and a good atmosphere. Ino Sushi is the BEST sushi - and is a hidden little place, near Japan town. Gordo - has the best burritos - and there are a few of these little CHEAP taquerias around town. And Cafe Bastille or Cafe Claude and Baker Street Bistro - are great for French food that is not too rich or expensive! Enjoy your trip!
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