Mombasa born and raised, I'd like to know if as a US citizen I can retire in Mombasa and what would be the requirements?


Country: Kenya


Well if you are kenyan born you can definately retire in Kenya nad do not need to worry at all as the new constitution allows dual citizenship, you can check on the requirments are as below:-

iv) Naturalization under section 93 of the constitution

Applications under this section are made by persons who

i.are aged 21 years and above
ii.have been ordinarily and lawfully resident in Kenya for a period of 12 months immediately preceding the date of application
iii.have been ordinarily and lawfully resident in Kenya for aggregate period of four out of seven years preceding the said twelve months
iv.have adequate knowledge of Kiswahili language
v.are of good character
vi.intend to continue residing in Kenya after they are naturalized


1. Certificate of good conduct
2. Copy of entry permit held for the last 8 years immediately preceding the date of application.
3. Adequate knowledge of Kiswahili language
4. Copy of national passport
5. 2 passport size photographs
6. Duly filled application form

Fee (Kshs) - 60,000/=

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