i want to know afine yachit to cleberate on the nile with some mates and to be special ??

plz tell me the options the mobile numbers and how much ??


Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


Please, contact our Cairo department, tell them exactly your wishes and dates, they will organize it for you,
Yours truly,
Elena Power
Contact Mohamed Abd Allah
> Operations Manager
> Ican travel - Blue Sky Travel Group
> Cairo - Egypt
> Tel. No: +2 02 25755305
> Fax No: +2 02 25777598
> Mob. No: +2 0106349966
you can go to DOKDOK Dock it's infront of the Four Seasons Nile Plaza it costs something arround 50 - 60 EGP per hour, only contact person is Mr. DokDok the owner of the dock.
You will enjoy it being private, and one thing you have to know is that if you chose a mast feluca they will be unable to go under the bridges(look up a map to understand what I mean).

thx for ur reply but can u tel me is mr dokdok have amobile or something to contact with ? and the second question is ... is mr dokdok all he have feluca? or also have yachit??? coz i need a yachit
please contact luxor travel for more information about the subject
in front of four seasons hotel nile plaza, you can find the operation for this
about the rates i am not sure,but make your budget open :-D
Hi, please specify what do u need? is a normal or luxory.
day or night, duration, capacity
I'll get back with an answer as soon as i get your reply

thx for ur reply look her is ma answers u really need and plz reply back to me

i want aychit for 3 person its at night from 9 pm till 12 pm and plz tell me how to contact and wid whome i will contact and how much is the price? can ask in cairo sheraton hotel .they have nice one .iam not sure about the price.hope u ll have nice time
DokDok has no Yachts, they are basicly all felluca's either with masts or with engines. I would recommend the masts because choosing a felluca means choosing a peasful unnoisy trip. For Yachts there a re a couple Valentine, Christina and the Trochadero. Prices range from aprox 450 - 600 per hour. depending on the size of each for example while Christina can take up to 20 persons Valentine can take up to 40 or 45.
Sorry I don't have the no right now but you can call the Four Seasons Concierge and find them out call the one in Giza and you can ask 140 for their No.
Hope that I have been able to help.
Hey man wish i can help u with those information which i collect about the boats on the nile.

LE PACHA 1901 Boat:

Adress:saray el Gezirah st. Zamalek,Cairo
fax: +20227357905

Imperial Boat:

Adress:saray el Gezirah st. Zamalek,Cairo
tele:+20227365797 - +20227365796
mobile: 0106000026

Nile Maxim Boat:

Adress:Infront of the marriott hotel in Zamalek.
Prices:190 L.E as a minimum charge per person

The Pharaos Boat:

Adress:138 El Nile St.Giza.
Prices:150 L.E per person

Nile Crystal Boat

Adress:At the beginning of the maadi Road of corniche El Nile.
Prices:100 L.E average per person

Scarabee Boat:

Adress:Infront of the Shepheard Hotel on Corniche el Nile,Garden City
Prices:120 L.E per person

Those all my information about the boats on the nile at cairo but u must make sure about the prices.
i see guys willing to help you and they all Say right things and i wish to you a nice celebrate
75 usd per peson all in for a luxury yaught excursion at the times agreed
Hi man,I think the best Yacht is:

De Birs Yachts:

Adress: 48 Thawra Street, 17th Floor, Dokki 12311, Cairo, Egypt.
Tel: +20 2 336 8117
Fax: +20 2 336 8127
on down town,behind nile hilton you can find many boats with good prices
the price is negoititabile according the time which you want
i know a man that rent his yachit daily for 800 l.E including launch which is made of the fishes you have just picked from the sea if u r interested contact me

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