is it possible to do a day trip to Petra from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?


Country: Jordan


Yes, it is possible, although not preferrable! it will such an annoying experience instead of being a good one. You should leave very very early and then you will have like 4-6 hours till you get there.
Hi, it is possible if you can be by Allenby bridge by 8 am, then we have 380km app. drive to Petra, visit and go back in the afternoon,the bridge closes at midnight but it depends when you have a flight. I did it several times with some visitors but of course best would be if you could return next day and see Wadi Rum desert as well. Regards
Petra from Jerusalem and back in one day is impossible if you actually want to see Petra. I would recommend you spend at least one night at Petra. Also, don't use the Allenby Bridge to cross unless you already have a Jordan visa. Your best bet is to go down to Elat and then over to Aqaba. Talk to the tourism office near Jaffa gate in the old city for information on crossing the border and getting to Elat. You may need to arrange for transportation to pick you up on the Jordan side. I'm not sure how frequent taxis are from that border.
About the distances:
1. King Hussien bridge to Petra plan four hours max.
2. Petra to Dead Sea plan three and a half hours.
3. Dead Sea to King Hussien Bridge is around 45 minutes.
**And we must remember the complicated procedures on the bridge that it will take at least 2 hours
So its not easy to have 1 day trip to Petra, you will spend most of your day on the roads, and borders
If you want to have a nice trip to Petra my advice for you is to take the Egged bus Jerusalem – Eilat, cross the border to Aqaba and take a free visa on arrival - either take a taxi to Petra cost around $50 or else rent a car.
To enjoy the Great city of Petra spend 2 days there, if you don’t have a lot of money to stay in an hotel, bring with you your camping tools, its safe, the weather is great, and it’s a very unique and cool experience to camp in Wadi Rum, and don’t forget your climbing tools.
yas possible
well hi ,, theorily yes ,, but practicaly no its not ,
i agree with my collegues thats its better if u can stay for at least one more night .. have a nice trip :)
It is possible if you can cross from King Hussein bridge{Allenby bridge} You hire a private car with driver to wait for you at the border. Take the Dead Sea highway and go to Tafila (king's highway}from Fifa and drive down to Petra.

You will have to return to Izrael from Aqaba to Elat{southern borders}.

It is 3 hours drive from King Hussein bridge to Petra through dead sea and Fifa.

It is 2 hours drive from Petra to Aqaba to reach the southern borders.
It is possible but exhausting, possibilities are as the following:
First Option:
Leave Jerusalem and head Eilat where you cross Arava to Aqaba (4.30 hours) with border formalities (visa is obtained free at Arava), and then you drive from Aqaba to Petra (1.30 hours), visit Petra and this is at least a 4 hours tour ( 04 hours), and then back to Arava ( 1.30) cross to Eilat ( 01 hour), drive back to Jerusalem 04 hours.
Second Option:
Leave to Jerusalem Heading to Allenby( you need a visa to Jordan in advance) ( 01 hour), cross the border (01 hour), drive to Petra 04 hours, visit Petra ( 04 hours), drive to Aqaba and cross to Eilat and then from Eilat to Jerusalem or drive from Petra to Sheik Hussein Bridge north Jordan and then from Sheik Hussein to Jeruslem that is in Total 08 hours with the border formalities .

Third option:
Leave Jerusalem to Sheik Hussein (02 hours, cross into Jordan ( 01 hour) , you CAN buy a visa on Sheik Hussein), then drive to ( 04.30 hours) , visit Petra 04 hours, drive to Aqaba and cross to Eilat and then from Eilat to Jerusalem or drive from Petra to Sheik Hussein Bridge north Jordan and then from Sheik Hussein to Jeruslem that is in Total 08 hours with the border formalities.

My recommendation that you drive to Eilat and cross to Aqaba and then to Wadi Rum for tour, and then to Petra for overnight, and on the next morning visit Petra( Petra is best visited in the morning) and drive Back to Arava where you cross to Eilat .
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