Hello, me and a brother want to backpacking to anypart of Australia. Would you anyone suggest us the best part to visit? yet...

...affordable price. Prefer Sidney as destination. Estimate available time for us is only a week.


Country: Australia



If you like beaches, I would suggest you must visit Gold Coast, its in Queensland state, its truely an awesome city with the beautiful coast and its near to Brisbane (also known as BrisVegas). This way you can also visit Brisbane and Sunshine coast (another beach)


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Sydney is a good place to use as a base, with plenty of beaches, historical sites and places to see. I hope u enjoy your stay in Australia. Checkout my webpage at
Melbourne is a backpackers city delight ! with less expense than Sydney and Brisbane - I'm not knocking them but we have more parklands and parks and backpackrs things all gruped together - but then again Australia as a wholeis an awesome place to visit and it's hard to really pick one state over the other - it really depends on what you are wanting to do besides backpacking - do you want to see beaches, or historical places or just the city in general ?

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If you only have a week I would say to stay in Sydney. There are plenty of day trips you can do and there is a lot to see in the city itself where you can spend at least 3 or 4 days. I would do a day trip to the Blue Mountains, a day trip to Manly ach on the ferry through the harbour, go down to Bondi Beach for half a day.

Most backpacker accomodation is found near central station at the south end of the city. It is relatively cheap compared to hotel accomodation but is still a bit pricey for backpacker accomodation but it is very close to public transport and close to the city and attractions.
If you only have a week, I agree with others who have said just stay in Sydney as we have the lot....with day trips to the Blue Mountains, Manly, Bondi Beach, Palm Beach and Coogee. I suggest you stay at a hostel in Glebe which is not far from the city as there are plenty on cheap restaurants there.

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