we are going to Boh Phut in Koh Samui this november. We will relax in the daytime and party and explore at night. We will most...

...likely spend some nights in the Chaweng district. What is the safest and most cost effective way to get there What are the best restaurants What are the best bars Are there any good markets What are the best day/night trips to go on from Boh Phut we are both in our early forties Any other tips you may have would be great. Thanks


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Welcome to Koh Samui!
The cheapest way to get from A to B is walking, though maybe on your holiday you don't want to be bothered with you? Take a motorbike taxi, Song Taew or use limosine transportation from your hotel.
Beste Bars........ what do you like? Just go to the nightlife district and start bar hopping, listening music and see the people hanging out there, if you don't like it hop to another bar.

Samui is great fun don't worry, but do bring enough cash.

Happy hopping,

Chawaeng is good for night life, no doubt, however there are better places for acco n other activities.
You know, different people hv different tastes, so my sugg to u: discover urself!!! What's best for u, could be rotten for me!
As far as going places is concerned: Ang Thong National Marine Park is certainly wothwhile going, Ko Pha-Ngan (full moon crap), Ko Tao (good for snorkeling). Ko Samui is sporting some nice waterfalls, which are worthwhile going.
General speaking however: Samui n the east coast of the peninsula will get the onset of the winter monsoon early Nov, which is blowing from the NE, which could make the sea quite choppy at times. In winter a much better place is the west coast.
Car or motorbike renting might be good choice in Samui,it's easy to drive :)
Heja and Welcome to Samui
I just like to back the suggestions of Andre and Wilfried
to enjoy your stay at the island. Once there, you'll find
easily your own way of alikes. Have fun.
Welcome to Thailand. In Chaweng there are lots of pubs, almost same prices for the drink. So you can go anywhere you like.

There are lots of Thai foods on the streets. You you try some. Market is not big as weekend market. But still have few handmake goods to buy.

If you need to book tour or sighseeing. You can contact .

The bestway is always walking, or hire a motorbike if you can ride on.For resturants, bars etc just walk around, there are many to choose from.
Have a look at for some more ideas, also and then also
Have safe fun.
The south is over priced so use your hotel, they will find you a good driver. He will take you where you need to go & where you need to get picked up,its the best way & the Thai police will tell you this. 4more info
Koh Samui it’s nice
But I also can recommend you Koh chang In Trad Province, C not so much tourists in some beach, You can find cheap place to stay, Good restaurant, nice bar, Activity on the Island also nice for Scuba diving or Snorkeling, Fishing in the night or day time.

And we can give you more information when you stay here. You can visit our web site at
Hi , i have been many times in Samui and i always take the airplane, that is quick, safe and not so expensive.
For the night life you have to chek out the Green Mango, lots of fun going on there.
For markets just rent a motor bike and drive around, some are only on specific day's.

Enjoy your holiday.
As already mentioned by others, Samui has an abundance of nightlife, just bar hop..... Lamai makes a nice change from Chaweng, and does not involve so much walking... Check out the "Banana Boat Bar" at showtime (very entertaining.)
Im in Sumui at the moment, November is the rainy month, but is not raining too much yet. The price's are cheapest and everything is pretty quite. For sumui its pretty cheap. But still expensive to other parts of Thailand.

If you are coming from Bangkok, you can fly direct to sumui about 2-3k baht each one way, or fly to surat thani with air asia about 800 baht then get 1.5hour coach and 1.5 boat for 340baht all easy and done for you as you get off the flight, they run the bus service to pick up the plane passengers as there are only 2 flights a day.

Chaweng is quite along strip and if you want to get around you need to get a motor bike. about 1oo to 150 baht a day, depending on length of rental. Lots of bars there, there is a main complex in the middle where they have all sorts of bars for all people.

I stay in lamai, alittle more smaller and can get around on foot easier, some quite bars, reggae, live rock music etc. It would be good to see both beaches. about 6km from chaweng to lamai, baht bus in day about 40-60baht at night alot more.

small markets in the beaches and small soi's scattered around, to see all the waterfalls, trekking, elephants and shows you need a bike or small jeep. Can get small jeep for 600baht a day.

Good luck and enjoy.
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