How much cash should I carry with me during the day? For example, how many B would cover 3 meals and 2 or 3 taxi rides?


Country: Thailand


1000TB will set you right, i always carried 3000TB.
Thailand can be cheap if you know how so for more
It is depends on where you go. If you are not fancy shopping. You can have around 1000 to 3000 THB with you is very enough.

If you eat in Food Hall, around THB 100, which will have Chicken Rice and Drink, plus starter

However, if you eat on the street. it around USD 1 dollar.

If you would like a posh spending. You can have USD 100 to 300 per meal in some of the big shopping Hall.

Hope that can help

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For taxi, it's up to your destination. I'm not sure about that. For meals, it's about 100-200 baht /meal/person. it'll be cheaper if you eat at food center in department store. but if you eat in a high class restaurant, may be more expensive.

So i think 1000-1500 baht is enough for one day, maybe it's too much.
It depends on what you want to eat and where. If you decide to eat Thai food in one of the carts on the street, at least two meals, may suffice 300 baht for the whole day. If you decide to eat at a restaurant with international cuisine, you'll need at least 2000 baht per day for three meals. As for the taxi or tuk tuk depends on how far you go I think it is better to take to rent a moped to pay 260 baht per day excluding fuel.
If you are use to eating like Thai people, THB 1,000 is enough for daily outing. Always carry small denomination currency as often, the food sellers and taxi drivers do not have change. Carry many THB 20s and 100s. Advisable to carry THB 2,000 - 3,000.
It depends in where you want to go, where you want to eat. A thousand baht is enough but it is good to carry some extra.
Thanks for your interest in Thailand. How much it cost daily......... That's actually up to you? For meals on the street side about 30-40 THHB per meal. Taxi's ....... from where to where? Bangkok is about 1600 square KM........... But let say you stay at Khaosarn road to shopping centers or Bangkok will not cost more than THB 140.- per ride


In Bkk 500 to 1000 THB is more than enough for three meals (road side restaurants offer meals for 20/25 THB). A taxi ride on average is no more than 80 THB in the city (by all means get the meter running!!!). Skytrain n Underground is much cheaper! And always n anywhere u can refill ur wallet by visiting ATMs.
You dont need much for that... Depending on were you are. But i would say if you eat local ore at foodstalls, 3 meals is between 90 and 200 bath. And a ride in a taxi starts at 35 bath and that takes you 2,5 km, and after that its around 2 bath every half km (thats in Bangkok)
Always go taxi on taxi meter.

Other places its 20 / 60 bath for a tuk tuk... Depending on were and how fare you go.
So I would say that 1000 bath as a new traveler is fine. Less if you are more hardcore traveler.
My self could do a hole day in Bkk for nothing, because i use the boats in the klongs and the Biketaxis and eat at the stalls and food courts around. They have the best food and its cheap.

I once read that a dude toke a one day sightseeing tour (on his own), had food and got drunk for all in all 500 B. Soooo.. Go try my friend.
3 Thai meals and a couple of taxies you could cover 500-1000 THB depending on where you are. But its not a problem to bring more - there is not much stealing going on in Thailand.
well let's say Taxi 100*3=300thb,meal (restaurant)150-300*3=450-900thb
so 750-1200 thb/day :)
Hope it helps !
You can go very cheap: A meal in a street shop would cost you as little as 25 Bht plus 25 Bht for a bear, a taxi 60 to 160 Bht (with taxi meter).

In a cheap restaurant a meal would be 150 to 300 Bht. In a restaurant for foreigners with clim, it would go up to 600 - 800 Bht. If you want to enjoy fancy sea food like crab with peper and garlic, you could go up to 1.200 Bht a head.
On a low budget day, you'll get easily along with (less) 500 Baht. (= +/- 15 $). If you will top your day you can spend
(more than) 2000 Baht. Have fun.
My personal preference would be around 2,000.00 to 3,000.00 Baht. This will get you good meals and will cover most taxi meter rides.
Have fun.
Welcome you to Thailand
Taxi it start 35 THB and about 5 B /km
so it's depend on how long you go
About food Thailand had many kind of food
and you can find any where 24hr a day
100 B/ meal was enough
yes just 3000 baht for the foreigner is fine. if you prefer a backpacker who never mind to use the public transportation, so no need to spend much money on bus fare. and if you think you can eat the restaurant along the road (i don't mean that you have to eat not much hygiene food besides the road) finally, you might have some money left in your pocket.
It's depends on what you want? If you want just walk around and eat something so 500 THB will be good,
If you want to shopping for the stuff on the road 1000 THB is ok.
What places you will go to and how far is the matter from Taxi meter. If you not go far around where you live, it will very cheap to pay so. And the meal, it begins from 30 Baht at the footpath shop or you want to eat on the mall, it begins from 50 Baht.
I normaly cary 5000b with me , than you also have money for shopping if you see something nice, rember you dont have to spend it only have enough with you.

Have a great time
Thailand is very safe if your safe.

Use the sky train or metro when you can very easy and very fast
If you use a cab and are going somewhere special make sure you have card from your hotel and ask the taxi before you get in the cab if he is using the meter
Have your hotel reception write in Thai where you are going so there is no misunderstanding
Have fun
In Chiangmai if you eat thai style in the stall on the road and in some clean thai resturant 300 baht per day (with tuk tuk - taxi 3 time in the city) are enough. If you like only western food about 1500/2500 baht per day
This is really depending on where you stay... Are you talking about Bangkok?
cheap will on street will cost you less than 50 THB for something basic you can find noodle soup for 25THB
Considering taxi it's start from 35THB you can also look for Tuk Tuk but always compare and bargain the price. In Bkk BTS is always a good way for extend travel.
So I would say not less than 600THB for a very minimum... maybe 800THB it is difficult to judge without knowing your plan if you give more details than we can help better

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