In Chile on april 19. Which cities from Pto Montt to Stgo should I have to visit? I want Sky, History, Arts, Wine, Native ppl and Urban Life

Arriving To Santiago. Taking a bus the same night to Puerto Mont. Arriving Pto Mont. Interested in meet Localyte guides who know History and culture. Backpacker budget. 10 days


Country: Chile


we are on valparaiso, angel hostal...
Thanks a lot, Rodrigo
Hi, because you will arrive in the morning to Puerto Montt you can go to the tourism information to look for accommodation and how to tourring in the area ... I like to stay in Puerto Varas instead Puerto Montt which is nicer .... you should visit Chiloe Island, Puerto Varas, Frutillar, then coming back to Santiago....Valdivia, Pucon (maybe the ski season has already started there...) Santa Cruz (wineries) and Santiago... Have a nice trip in Chile Marilu from Marilu bed and breakfast
Maybe you are right and I think I will visit Puerto Varas instead Puerto Mont. I will need lodge in Chiloe Island and in any place when I can ski (I havent found any place because people tell Ski season will start in june!)
Thank your for your advices! So useful

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