Train from beijing to tibet 1. How can i arrange the train from beijing to tibet? Any website or any contact of travel agent with... 2. How much does it cost and how long does it take? And by the way what is the meaning of the different classes? 3. Any places of interest to stop on the way?


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You got to go trough Chengdu if you want to go by train. Tickets can be booked on internet and directly inn China. I would prefer to book it locally.

Normal classes on train are hard seat - soft sleeper. HArd seat is just what it says and soft seat one step up. Soft sleeper is a 4 bed cabin and hard sleep a train car with beds, 3 beds high.
I think the Tibet train has special classes.

HAve a nice trip
Here is a link to a website. It will take you 2 days and the fares are mentioned. Pls. make sure you take the permit to visit Tibet. Will be very cold - be prepared. Amazing landscape. Have a nice trip.

Most English sites (including the one quoted previously) charge more for train tickets to make money off foreigners. Actual prices at - but the site is in Chinese. Cheapest hard sleeper is 653RMB, soft sleeper 1079.

More information about the trains itself -

Purchasing train tickets in theory is easy : any ticket agent in Beijing, or at the train station, will sell you a ticket. To Tibet though tickets are hard to get - mysteriously they're just "all sold out" (but it's always worth a try, since the availability of train tickets in general in China is mysterious), and these days I believe they are not supposed to sell you a ticket without the TTB.

Getting a TTB is not as easy now - two years ago I helped a friend obtain one through Leo's Hostel () - you can try, but these days you're supposed to book an entire tour before entering Tibet, with planned itinerary (try or ) . It can be cheap, if you just stay around Lhasa area, but the more you do obviously the more it costs -- and because you will not be allowed free moment around Tibet (even if you DO manage to get in without the TTB), and you can't ride public transportation, it's the transport fees that will cost you - 4WD not that cheap.

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