My questions are a bit more general for china than beijing: 1. How can i arrange a permit for thibet and how much does it cost? Any... in Beijing to help? 2. Whats the weather like in Tibet during November and can i stay in any of the monasteries there? 3. How can i cross from Tibet to Nepal and can i get a Nepal visa from Tibet?


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Contact the Chinese embassy to get the correct update on the current situation and visa demands.

Wheater is quit cold in Tibet in the autumn. Bring warm clothes.

For Nepal you need to check with the embassy.

Have a nice trip.
Sorry,I didnt ever go to Tibet.
1.but according to discription from some Sisters in Christ,they jus go there by train,Maybe nothing to warry about,you can ask is said by air 2400RMB from Beijing single trip.
About the hotel to loggin,you can easily find it here and there,very local,and very cheap,but from Ctrip,the good hotel costs10~40 times,sure thing,it is better.But never go to North and west suburb,it's desolating there.
2.In Nov.,it must be very cold there,thick and large down garments must be very useful,the weather can be dry there.
leave in monastery?Seems impossible!
Notes:Never go the the country side alone!Never feel happy when you enter a small village without village head's permission,life and death!
3.To Nepal from Tibet,you can get a visa in Lhasa of Tibet,the Nepal embassy there.Or landing visa in Katmandu airport by air from Chengdu Sichuan prov.,China.First way is better,never the second. if you stay,less than 4 light days and 3 nights,visa free,more days,you should pay.

Hope it could help you
Hello,we can help with the tour arrangement and permit for tibet.The permit is 300RMB.
Pls send me your detailed plan then we can help to arrange the tour for u.

Unfortunately Tibet is more restricted now than before - which means in order to get the TTB you will need to have a tour arranged, including guide, before it will be issued. The TTB itself is not expensive - but it effectively forces you to get some sort of package, which needless to say will cost money.

Previously you could obtain a TTB only, then wander around Tibet on your own after arriving in Lhasa.

The tour you 'join' (it can be a tour of one) will arrange for you to be dropped off at Zhangmu (Nepali border) if you choose to exit that route. I don't know what passport you hold, but most passport holders can travel to Nepal without a pre-arranged visa and pay $25 USD at the border for visa-on-arrival.
2.It is very cold and dry there during November.
3.It is not safe rent a Jeep from Tibet to Nepal during Novenber. Fly to Nepal from Tibet via Chengdu/Sichuan is safe. flight tickets cost about CNY: 2000 all taxes.
More detail ask Nepal local travel service: .

Maggie can help with the Alien's travel permit: 300/pax take 10 days.
Hi, you got some information regarding tours in Tibet, but I found only one answer above is fairly accurate.
The permits situation have been changing constantly after 2008. Tibet travel permits are issued at the Tibet Travel Bureau in Lhasa. Foreigners can not directly obtain a travel permit through this office. Only travel agencies in China can obtain these permits.
In order for a permit to be issued, you must have a fully booked tour for the duration of your stay inside of the Tibet Autonomous Region. This includes:
• Travel tickets to Lhasa
• Permit for Lhasa and additional permits for travel outside of Lhasa
• Itinerary for all days in Lhasa and surrounding areas
• Registered guide
• Registered car and driver for any trips outside of Lhasa
This items above is least you need for getting a permits. If you want to just stay in lhasa, you don't need to book a transportation ahead since taxi and public buses available anytime. but you must need a private car to be booked if you go outside of lhasa.
Anyway, Tibet is one of the one of the most expensive travel destination in China. if you are a solo traveller,then best way to make price low is find a group to jion. so you can share the costs. since I don't know which places you want to visit, I can't give you any advise on price here.
Weather in November is warm enough to go most of the places. the frindship highway accessble all year around.
you can get Nepal visa at the border, takes about 30minutes and cost around 30USD. you may need a passport photo for applying Nepali visa.
Good Luck!

Note: make sure you will get a Tibetan tour guide who speaks fairly English. there are many tour guides who don't speak local language and don't know anything about Tibetan culture and Buddhism.

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