Off to the DR through Miami. What's the national drink of the #Dominican? I'm guessing something with rum


Country: Dominican Republic


Presidente beer, or cuba libre (rum and coke!)
I as well would have to say presidente beer closely followed by any type of rum, pur or mixed
You are probably talking about Mamajuana which is a typical beverage made with run, honey and roots. That's very common here but dfinitly the beer Presidente and run Brugal or Barcelo are the day by day drink here. Of course some good wine, vodka and so on are part of our "happy nights here".. Hope it helps
hey, the most famous drink in the dominican republic is rhon- or as we say "romo", the brand of this kind of rum(romo), i mean the moost popular one, is called Brugal.
Rum based drinks are our most popular ones, starting with Mama Juana: A combination of specific roots in which we pour rum, sweet wine and honey. Next is one I would say that is actually more popular or common at least: Rum and a red halls candy. Try that!!!! No matter what you mix it with, rum it´s our favourite. Enjoy!!!!

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