Can someone suggest some vegan friendly cities in Mexico and/or Caribbeans and/or Central America?


Country: Mexico


You have asked a very appropriate question. Most of us Mexican are real meat eaters. But, I do have to say that Playa Del Carmen and Tulum area has their share of health conscious Vegan's and Vegetarians. Interesting fact though, the staple of Mexican diet is Rice, Black Beans, Tortillas and chile. If in this area, you should have no problem at all finding fine dining experiences that are all vegetarian; and at the very least Vegetarian options on most menus. There are several Yoga centers and health aware communities. If in the Playa del Carmen area I suggest you check out La Cueva Del Chango (Best Breakfast in Playa, in many person's opinions).

San Miguel de Allende and Tepozlan are more inland destinations. These towns are known to house many draft dodgers from the Vietnam era. So, it is not unfair to say that there are many hippies that find Vegan and Vegetarian dishes on their menus. Happy Sailing...
Mexico City has plenty of vegan options - as you would expect in a metropolitan area of more than 20 million people.

I'm not a vegan so I found some people are and who have visited Mexico. Here are some links that you might find helpful:

Also other colonial cities have vegan options... try La Zanahoria in Puebla (100 km southeast from Mexico City), for instance. Oaxaca has a good deal of "alternative" restaurants, you should go out and explore for yourself!!

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