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Your best bet to watch whales in Alaska is at the mouth of the Kenai River in the town of Kenai as they chase the salmon. June - Aug are best months. Another place would be at the mouth of Cook-Inlet at the City of Anchorage - but it's not as sure as Kenai.
One tip regarding whale-watching in the Monterrey area. There are some boats that leave from the main tourist area in Monterey and others that leave from other nearby towns. The one time I whale-watched there we used a boat that left from a town to the south of Monterrey. That boat took almost an hour getting over to the whale area, whereas the boats departing from Monterrey got there much quicker. We probably spent more time on the water that the boats from Monterrey did, and we saw plenty of whales, but if the water is choppy the extra miles you have to travel if you don't leave from Monterrey can be difficult. I don't get seasick but there were several people on the boat who were miserably sick and it was unpleasant for all during the long trip.
I'm sorry, but I don't live in a good whale watching area...sorry.
No not at that location
Don't know anything about this area. Sorry!

here are some whale watching cruises in monterey bay,just google monterey bay whale watching if these don't work out for you!

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