aloha what would u suggest i do i have a 4 hr wait t the airport anything around there to do? (without spending lots of cab fair n $)?


City: Honolulu

State: Hawaii

Country: United States


Maybe walk down to Byron's ( a local established plate lunch walk up window), to take in one more great "hole in the wall" good eats find, or check out the nearby Harley Davidson showroom to check out some cool motorcycles :)

If you're up to a SHORT cab ride, you can ride to Lagoon Drive, and relax in the park area...or ride a cab to Pearl Harbor Museum, which is one mile away - alot to see there :)
You are in luck !! There is alot to do near the airport !!!!! Alot of beach & sight seeing, It might require a SMALL taxi fee. When is your 4 hour lay over? I can get you a list and the distances if you would like.

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