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In the Fall, almost anywhere you go in the Northeastern part of the US will have beautiful Fall color. There really is no particular place although some parks have denser tree coverage. The real problem is traveling when the leaves are turning but have not fallen off the trees yet. Many of the states have a traveler's hot line that will tell how the Fall foliage is doing. I don't know the contact for Vermont, but if you Google "Vermont leaf peeping", you will get lots of information.
MONTPELIER, Vt. –State foresters are predicting that foliage in the Northeast Kingdom will be near or at peak next week as bright fall color broadens its reach through the higher elevations and northern sections of the state.
With cooler temperatures in the forecast, the foliage progression is expected to accelerate across the state over the next several days. The Northeast Kingdom is on track to be near or at peak by the middle of next week. Here,s a website to check to track the foliage times, etc
Are you starting to dream about the feel of a cool autumn breeze? To hear the crackle of leaves beneath your feet? To smell the smoke of an evening campfire?

In these dog days of summer, autumn may seem distant, but plans are already underway to give a Texas-size welcome to fall. Small towns throughout the state are putting the finishing touches on harvest festival plans, and bed and breakfasts
are getting ready for a peak tourism season, and hotlines are making preparations to field questions for just where to spot the best fall foliage.

And just where do you find the best fall colors? The obvious answer might seem to be Vermont or New Hampshire, but a brilliant quilt of fall colors can also be found in the Lone Star State. Unlike its northern neighbors, however, Texas doesn't have vast displays of color but rather pockets of autumnal glory throughout the region. "There are a lot of jewels here and there," points out Howard Rosser, executive director of the East Texas Tourism Association, an agency that promotes the area that boasts the lion's share of Texas' fall foliage.

West of Austin, the Hill Country puts on a show of color thanks to the bigtooth maples, sumacs, sycamores, chinaberries, and cottonwoods. These trees begin to blush with fall's first flush as the days start to grow shorter and the nights a little cooler. Farther west, the Guadalupe Mountains are home to the magnificent McKittrick Canyon, where walnut, ash, oak, and the Texas madrone color the landscape.

But the largest displays of fall foliage are found in East Texas, thanks to brilliant dogwoods, beech, blackgum, hickory and other hardwoods. Here you can spend a weekend camping among a cushion of pine needles, enjoying small town festivals that celebrate the changing season, and cruising the countryside to see color displays that leaf peekers have reported to area hotlines.Because Texas' displays are compact, the hotlines are especially important for locating the best foliage.
In the fall all Northeastern States have leaves fallen from the trees. Most beautiful colored fallen leavs will you find in Pensylvania. In Vermont there are in any part of the state, but the most beautiful in PA
As others have noted, it's easy to see fall foliage everywhere across the Northeast. Timing is important: leaves are at their peak in northern Vermont right now and will peak in the southern part of the state this week. Early October is the best time for the Berkshires, late October for the Taconic Range and the Catskills, early November for Central Park in New York or Fairmont Park in Philadelphia.

Get a map with "scenic" routes marked and enjoy the drive. Vermont maintains tourist information offices around the state; you can get the addresses from the state web site. Motels are heavily booked, so if you're planning to stay overnight, be sure to call in advance. Rooms will be hard to find on weekends, but easier to come by during the weeks.
Tomato growers may be unhappy, but the heavy rain that doused much of the Northeast in early summer is expected to create spectacular red, orange and gold foliage this fall.

That’s the hope, anyway, among New England tourism officials, who are trying to entice leaf peepers with deals that include everything from free golf to pints of maple syrup.

In Vermont, the state tourism board is offering Midweek Peek specials at about 60 resorts. The Sugar Lodge at Sugarbush, for example, is offering a third night for half price, with standard rooms starting at $79.

Similar deals are being offered in New Hampshire, Maine and New York. The New York State tourism site, , has fall deals at 200 hotels, country inns and B & Bs. The High Peaks Resort in Lake Placid, for example, is offering a three-night stay for $400.

To track the changing color, numerous foliage trackers have popped up on the Web. Among the most colorful are from the New Hampshire tourism board and Yankee Magazine.

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