I have a friend in town that wants to see the Golden Gate Bridge. What is the best way to show her the bridge? (I have a car. ...

...Public Transit works great too)


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


Take the Muni bus no 28. It goes just by the bridge. Take it at Chestnut & laguna.
go to crissy field in the presidio for a great view. then either walk over or drive over, and go to the vista point on the other side for a more up close view of the bridge.
3 very interesting places to view Golden Gate bridge. . .
1. Fort Baker on Marin side gives a unusual view of the bridge.
2. Park the car on the Northwest of the bridge at the vista and walk down to the beach around sunset. The view is a rarity and hard to beat.
3. During daytime, try Baker Beach in San Francisco. From the parking lot, it's about 10 minute walk on the beach towards the bridge. Nice view of the bridge with Marin, Angel Island and Berkeley.
Yes the 28 bus is good...but is is slow and I think Doyle Dr. is closed. I also believe the south parking lot is under some sort of construction so I would suggest taking your car, going out Geary and turning right on Park Presidio and going to the north end of the Bridge for a better look. You can even go down to Cavallo Point and seeing the bridge from an entirely different angle!

Walking across the Bridge gives you a unique perspective and awesome views of the city, the ocean, Alcatraz, and the Bridge itself.
Walking the Golden Gate is the best way to enjoy the bridge. It is a 1.7 mile walk. Even it you only go half way across, you can't get a better view of San Francisco cityscape. Hope your friend will not be disappointed that the "Golden" Gate Bridge is not golden, but it is orange. There is also a double decker tour bus that does a 1 1/2 hour tour of the bridge, with 2-3 stops. I have never done the tour, but you might want to try it.

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