Thinking about a trip to Portugal. What can't we miss while there?


Country: Portugal


geres, porto, douro,coimbra,lisboa, evora, algarve if is posseble go to azores
You Can visit Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, Setubal - Arrábida - Troia - Azeitão Évora, tell me the real date and i can organise for you the best tryp.

Sintra is my numeber 1 choice, at least a full day be sure to visit "castelo dos Mouros", "Quinta da regaleira", "Palacio da Pena" and the village! Cascais as well (great beaches, check out Guincho), Lisbon (of course, is the capital, check belem and it's monuments) and if you go up north - Geres and Douro.
Hi There, depending on length of stay but I recommend the following:

Lisbon - Castles overlooking the city. The marina underneath the JC bridge for an afternoon and Bairro ALto for a night out, starts late so grab a meal first then go on to the bars.

North - Porto is a great city, great food and wine. The Douro region id you have time and try and visit Coimbra, beautiful place.

We are on the West coast, the best beaches in Portugal for me, rugged, clean water. About 15miles outside of Sintra which is a great visit for a day and evening meal, can also go to Art exhibition there and evening theatre.

South of the river you MUST travel through Costa Caprica, onto Setubul and Palmela (great wine ) and come around the corner and then onto by Ferry you will see Troia and Pontihan de Arrabida, WOW doesnt even feel or look like Portugal and the Ferry will take you onto the top of Alentejo which is above algarve, again great beaches, food and travelling! Hope you have car, the Ic roads are free as opposed to xp motorways.

Hope this helps, give me a call, we are in Ericeira which is awesome. Good luck

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Depending on how many days will you stay...
In Lisbon - many things to see and do, discover the old town or take the subway to the modern area Parque das Nações (ex-expo98).
Sintra is a nice town close by about 20m on train or Cascais also connected by train running close to the river Tagus.
You must cross the river towards the south bank by train on bridge 25th April and visit Arrabida and Troia beaches.
Hi there, it varies. Personally I think you need to be more specific. Every region as something to offer. What kind of experiences are you looking for? (Nature, culture and heritage, wine and cooking)
Well let me know and I will try to help you.
Best regards,
Lisbon, Cascais and specialy Sintra I really love there.
A lot depends on how long you plan on being in Portugal and indeed the way you intend to get around.
If your flying into Lisbon, I would suggest a few days in Lisbon to visit nearby Sintra, Cascais etc.
Then a little further out, Tomar, Castelo do Bode lake. Fatima region can all be done in one days drive.
If your flying into Faro, then I would suggest a drive along the whole Algarve coast both ways, east is quiter, more traditional, west of faro more touristy, both worth a few days to explore

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