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There is a large variey of brds to see in Costa Rica in fact a whole book with pictures and description called Birds of Costa Rica.
Some of them are parrots, Macaws, parakeets, Turquoise headed mott mott, many different kinds of tanagers, quetzals if you are lucky, many kinds of hummingbirds,etc etc.

There are 820 different species of birds in Costa Rica. I Hope that gives you an idea about your chances of having a rewarding bird watching experience.
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There are 820 different species of birds in Costa Rica. I Hope that gives you an idea about your chances of having a rewarding bird watching experience.
Hi Pablo, Greetings from Costa Rica. The count varies but around 856 is the number of different species in Costa Rica. Go to this link and yoc can see a list.
You may also Google "Birds of Costa Rica" and see a lot more. The main thing about a guided bird watching tour is that the guides knows where to take you, the best accommodations and more importantly, a good eye for spotting the birds. We use only modern air conditioned vehicles for transportation.Contact to arrange a tour or more information. Good luck
If you are inquiring for the Anamars Eco-tour Bird watching tour specifily! we are located in Turrialba! And the variety is large as it is located in the altitude of both high and low altitude bird cranes and kinfishers!etc.etc. So if we take you to the higher level say near the volacno you will see the Quetzal and other species in that are
If we take you lower you will see the coastal variety!
And on our Belle vista Ranch! Toucans and humingbirds along with the prditorio species abound!As our friends of localyte have already told you over 820 species here in Costa Rica and Turrialba is a heaven for this type of tour!
Contact us today at
Anamasr Eco-Tours.
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We have different places to go and see the most beautiful birds in the country, Arenal and Monteverde are good areas fot bird watching.If you can get back to me and tell me what is your travl idea i will be happy to help you!

here you can see these links that you can access and see the info in my web page. please copy and paste the links in your browser;

From Arenal

Also below you can see this other link for the hotel i have for bird watching in the country

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Not a very easy question to answer amigo! Some bird lists mention 877 species total i.e.-

or another CR bird list mentions 893

Some of the best birdwatchng areas in Costa Rica would be:

-OTS la Selva Research Station in Sarapiquí, Heredia province
-Tortuguero national park, Limón
-Caño Negro Biological reserve-Alajuela province
-Tempisque River/Palo Verde national park-Guanacaste province
-Carara National park/Tárcoles River/Guacalillo Reserve-Puntarenas
-Corcovado national park-Puntarenas province
-Monteverde Cloud Forest, Puntarenas province or
-Savegre River-San Gerardo de Dota in the Talamanca Mountains
A great variaty of birds, here is a link to explain you an ATV guided tours, really funny. It's the real way to see Costa Rica 2 hours from the airport. We also have a nice house for rent on the beach in Esterillos Este with a swimming pool and only 10 minutes from Jaco a nice city with good restaurants and night club.
for greater info consult the best travel agency in CostaRica

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Estos son algunos ejemplos para su pregunta sobre aves de Costa Rica:

Olman Arce Mejía
Mid-Morning La Paz Waterfall Gardens Tour

Hard to answer because in Costa Rica we have a 30 percent of migratory birds species, we make every December an annual birds counting in all our national parks, last years we found over 820 different birds species and the record was 917 birds few years ago.
Hello Pablo,
We are Desafio Adventure Company in La Fortuna/Arenal
Here is some info on our bird watching tour.

Birdwatching with naturalist guide

All of us at Desafío Adventure Company are bird-enthusiasts. Whether you're doing a volcano hike, river tracing along of canyon, mountain biking or rafting, we're bound to make a point of showing off our amazing birdlife in Costa Rica -- it's not unusual to see a Keel-Billed toucan, a Montezuma Oropenula or a Laughing Falcon along the way. But for you hard-core birders, we have a special team of birding experts to take you out to some of our favorite spots.

Depending upon the season and the best birding options, we sometimes head up near the Arenal Volcano by the Arenal Lake, other times we visit the El Silencio Nature Reserve or we head toward Proyecto Asís Animal Rescue Refuge for its amazing concentation of birdlife or locally on other private reserves. You'll be amazed at our guides' eagle eyes!!

Departure: Varies -- the proverbial early bird, well gets to see the early birds! We usually start around 5:30a
Includes: Transport, guide, trail entrances, snack
Duration Approximately: 4 hours
Price: $75
Let me know if you need more information
Aparte de TODO lo antes dicho, si queres presenciar un fenomeno UNICO en la etologia avifaunistica americana, te sugiero irte a Kekoldi, en el Caribe Sur, para aprovechar la migracion masiva de rapaces en estas fechas.
Mira esta info del año pasado...

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