Is it worth seeing Nazca Lines or the Cola canyon in Peru? Please let me know what you think.


Country: Peru


I could highly recomend colca canyon, this year I was there and the views were outstanding also I was in nazca but it didn't impress to me like colca, just flying nazca was full of adrenaline almost every one vomited there.
any way if you like nature more than cultural remain, colca would be perfect for you.
I ha done this trip a couple of times and you must not missed it, also when you are in nazca go to paracas (nearby) and observed all the sealife it is great you will never forget it, bring youre camera, you wont regreted
Sure it's worth, all the Peru is full of history and geography that permits you to enjoy each place you visit. Nazca lines tell us about how pre-Inca cultures knew astronomy. At Colca Canyon, you can see on the road the stunning geography that we were endowed, stunning volcanoes, reservation of alpacas, llamas, vicuñas; and arriving at same Colca Canyon you will see the majestic flight of condors.
Both are great.
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If you want to experience seeing personally a man made marvel as are the Nazca Lines and/or a natural marvel as is the Colca Canyon (the deepest in the world) I consider it worth it. As a matter of fact there are a number of other sights and visits worthwhile on the way to or on the way back as Peru is full of surprises you´ll never see elsewhere.
If you want to relax go to Nazca...but if you like adventure and explore nature on your own, definitely also has wonderful views! good luck :)

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