what to do during the day?!

Hi all! i'm traveling for the first time to jordan, and i have like 3 days to spend by myself during the day in both amman and the dead sea! is there any activities to do ? please let me know! cheers!


Country: Jordan


Hi Karl,
If you are staying in Amman it would be must that you visit beautiful old town of Jerash, it is an old Roman city. Not much activities around Dead Sea, except if you decide to come to Petra, and visit Wadi Rum, have jeep drive and do some trekking there. Let me know if you decide so.
hey karl
i guarantee you a lot of fun in your first visit , and about your question , i think jarash and ajloun are good places to go to during a three days visit here, but if you want to go to the best places in Jordan which are ( in my opinion ) Petra and wadi rum you should spare a day or two for that so it will be a little hard to do in three days
Welcome to jordan man
Hi Karl, if you came to Amman there are some of the activities that you can do :
“Private Half Day Tour to Madaba, Mount Nebo and The Dead Sea”
You will leave Amman to visit Madaba a city known for it's mosaics. The most popular and well known is the ancient and most complete mosaic map of Jordan and the Holy Land of the 6th century in St George Orthodox Church, marked with the points of interest of some historical stories recorded in the Bible.
Next you will climb up Mount Nebo where Moses died. Enjoy the view of the Holy Land and also see more mosaics of different animals and figures found inside the church of Mount Nebo.
Visit the Dead Sea and the desert of Moab. It is the lowest point on earth at 1300 feet (400 meters) below sea level. The Dead Sea is one of the most incredible places in the world, known for the Biblical story of the destruction of Sodom and Amora, which was turned into salt. The Dead Sea speaks for itself; with no living fish in it! It is by far one of Jordan's most impressive and spectacular places to visit.
Swimming in The Dead Sea is an incredible feeling as it is impossible to sink in the thick brine and is four times as salty as regular sea water. One can even recline on the water and read a newspaper. Due to the extremely high content of salts and minerals the water is known for its curative powers and its mud is used as various treatments.
As the Ministry of Jordan does not allow a driver to also be a guide, a guide is not included in the cost of your tour. Your driver will be very informative and be able to point out and explain sites as you drive past. Many people prefer to visit the sites and follow the walking tracks on their own, although there will be local guides available for hire on arrival at Mt Nebo for an approximate cost of US$15.00 per visit. Your driver will be happy to assist you with any questions or exchange of money. This is a private tour so please list any special interests you have (art, history, culture) at time of booking to alert our driver, so that he or she can prepare for your private tour.
Departure Point:
Your driver will meet you at your hotel in Amman
Departure Time:
Departs at 9:00am
Return Details:
Tour returns to original point of departure

“Parachuting Over Jordan”
Nothing beats a parachute jump for sheer excitement. All you need is a 4 hours' training session at the USPA (United States Parachute association) affiliated Royal Parachute Club to make a static line jump from an altitude of 4000 feet. Advanced free fall jumps can be organised for qualified parachutists holding valid certification. The club is located in Aqaba.

Gliding / Micro lighting / Para motoring / Paragliding
Flights and courses are available near Amman, and at special sites all over the country. Tuition is available by professionals. Further information is available upon request.

Paintball, archery and country hikes
The Mountain Breeze Country Club is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the hills of Gilead. It offers a myriad of outdoor activities and camping facilities.

The Pasha Turkish bath
Experience a soothing massage at an authentic Turkish bath located in the old middle class residential area in Amman.

The Roman Army and Chariot Experience
Come watch the Jerash Hippodrome come alive with this amazing show featuring gladiators, carts and massive catapults.
and there is more and more activities.....if u want to know more just ask ......:-D
hi karl ..
i do recommend that u go hiking in some canyons in dead sea area, like wadi mujib is the best .. but its has entrance fees .. u have wadi mukharis .. wadi himara .. wadi manshalah .. many more ..

ppl might recommend going to rum and petra ..

enjoy ur stay

good luck
Hi Karl,

If you get your hands on a copy of Lonely Planet Jordan, I highly recommend the walking tour of downtown Amman in their current edition. It gives you a great sense of the non-Western parts of Amman that you might otherwise miss.

Jerash (phenomenally preserved ancient Roman decapolis city) and Ajloun (Crusader era castle) are also a great day trip about three hours round trip into and out of and excitingly accessible with public transportation, if you've got a guide book.

Madaba, Mt. Nebo and Dead Sea as indicated above typically require a driver. If I were to recommend a Dead Sea day itinerary, however, I wouldn't miss the site where Christ was baptized. It is a well-managed hour long tour which can be followed by a day spent relaxing at a Dead Sea resort. Travel time with a driver round trip is about two hours.

These three options present an excellent three day itinerary.

Please let me know if you have further questions or require more details.

hey guys!

well thanks alot for all ur tips!!

i wish i can meet u all when u go to jordan! let me know if ur interested!!


Hi Karl,
there is alot to see on Amman and how you would like to spend it.
you can visit alot of things
if you need anything on the airport i will be there to assist.

i can meet you
enjoy your trip
gr8, can u send me ur number or smth? i will arrive on the 1st of oct to amman!
Hello Karl, to answer your question must tell you it depends on what type of activitie you are looking for?! Cuz there is more than you can expect.. check the official site for tourism in jordan : and have an idea if you are not into reading :)
Hi ,
If you are staying in Amman it would be must that you visit beautiful old town of Jerash, it is an old Roman city. Not much activities around Dead Sea, except if you decide to come to Petra, and visit Wadi Rum, have jeep drive and do some trekking there.

belal odeh
yes its right think jordan is very good and you will see how you will have nice time in jordan

if you need any help in jordan you can contact with me
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and will be in your service
mahmoud abu samha

Petra, Dead Sea and Wadi Rum are the highlights in Jordan, you can get accommodation at all of the 03 sites, Amman, is recommended as the 4th highlight, you could fit the 04 sites in your 03 days stay, however this would depend on your arrival and departure information, which airport or land border and what time..
To Answer your question literally ( You will be busy hiking and touring in Petra , Wadi Rum Amman or dipping and mudding at the Dead Sea)
Best Wishes

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