In 3 weeks I'm embarking on my first int'l adventure to Brazil - ALONE. Do you have any travel tips for me?


Country: Brazil


You should visit the South part of Brazil! tell me your skype or email so we can chat more about it!
A bit vague your question. If you want to be more specific with regard to, f. ex., where you're going, age-group, gender, budget, etc., etc.
You can always hook up to me via ('aybloc'), or e-mail .
Have a good time!
Jim Campbell
Rio / Brazil Tourism Management
Come to Rio. There's no better place in Brazil.
I live in Armação dos Buzios, nera Rio de Janeiro, it is a very nice place, and in my area you have choice to do any kind of trips and adventures, even I can help you in evrrything you need in your triparound Brazil.
So welcome and I hope meet you here, I have been in lot of coutrys around the world and I know what is be alone in a different country.
Hello, I have been living in Brazil for going on 9 years now and have lived and traveled all over Brazil in wanting to find the best location to live. I found that where I live now in Santa Catarina is the best location to live for a great number of reasons. I will be glad to tell you much more of why I live in the south of Brazil and as well in what I do here in helping many other USA, UK and as well other world travelers who come to Brazil.
My Skype to add me is bob_usa_brazil
Windows Live Messenger
Google Talk & Chat bob.ifloripa and email
GO TO RIO FOR SURE !! Check out my website you will have some tips and our blog about what to do in Rio:
Recife is the best spot to visite. If you want more details, please let me know more and I can write you back
As Jimmy says this is very vague but as a general rule I would stay in hostels (check out ) or some of the cheaper pousadas /hotels where you are likely to meet other people. Check out for the latter. When eating out alone aim for kilo restaurants where you only pay for the weight of the food you eat rather than normal restaurants where one dish is usually enough for 2 people- and has a price to reflect that! Boa viagem
In parts of Brazil that you be on the day? I live in Rio de Janeiro and know well my town!

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