Is drinking allowed in pubs during Ramadan?


Country: Bahrain


Not in many places
Drinking is not allowed in pubs during Ramadan. There are private clubs that do allow drinking but you must have a member escort you into the club.
No, drinking alcohol is prohibited during Ramadan. But, you can buy from some sources and drink privately from your home.
no it is not allowed during ramadan.
During Ramdan Drinking is banned, but privetly people are arranging drinks and can be used in their rooms
Drinking is not allowed during Ramdan
I am assuming you were asking about drinking in Bahrain as I note you are based in Bahrain.

All pubs and live entertainment venue are closed during Ramadan. Selling and serving alcohol is strictly prohibited. However, you may serve alcohol in the privacy of your home.

Where do you get the alcohol in Bahrain during Ramadan? One, if you have access to the US base; two, if you have access to the duty free shop.
Dringking is absolutely not allowed in public during ramadan.
Hi there, Ramadan is ovr now :) But during Ramadan you cannot get any drink is a pub. Adn you cant get it anywhere (unless from a 'private collection' or Duty free shop - 1 bottle only)
Or as already sadi, if you are a member of an society ;)

No, No way is drinking allowed in pubs during ramadan. although there r some who illegally do supply. Best is to buy and store it before ramadan and have in the comforts of your house to avoid any problems with the authorities.
no it is not allowed

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