I want to volunteer w/elephants when I get to Thailand in April. Any legit places that don't cost a fortune?


Country: Thailand


- this is my NGO and we operate in the north east of thailand. Please have a lok at the work we do on our website and emil me through there if you have any questions.
I know you can learn to be a "mahout" (Elephant handler") by paying for a course that includes accommodation etc. I don't think it's particularly expensive. I found out about it at the Elephant camp in Chiangmai. It looked good. I doubt whether you could just volunteer to "help" with Elephants though, apart from having no knowledge of them anyway, I can't imagine what you could do to "help".
Maybe you could try contacting one of the Elephant hospitals, there is one on the way to Lampang fron Chiang Mai, but I wouldn,t be surprised if what you ended up actually doing had little to do with any actual contact with Elephants. I guess that in time you would work your way up to that.
The Friends of the Asian Elephant has a Hospital in Lampang. You will not have to pay to volunteer. They do not have a place for you to stay so you will need to overnight in Lampang and take the bus or rent a motorbike to take to the hospital. Contact Khun Soraida, her English is perfect, at She has been on the Discovery Channel and NGC several times.

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