Anyone know how the weather is in Tokyo in early June?


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


June is consider a rainy month of Japan. Highest 25C and lowest 19C. A lot of rain.
Early June should be ok. A little warm, but not hot. However, as you head into mid and late June, you're getting into the rainy season. During the rainy season, it does rain a lot, and it's also overcast and humid.
As stated in the earlier message the weather is still somewhat spring type weather where you do not have the wet muggy air of the rainy season or steam sauna type of humidity that follows the rainy season. It would be best to head North to Hokkaido in late June to August. There is a window of great weather in August to September before heading into typhoon season from mid-September to late-October or early November.
June is beginning to come into the hot season in Japan. In July - August it becomes almost unbearably humid and hot. In Japan, the rainy season or "Tsuyu" is traditionally, from May to July however, this rainy season has become more unreliable and less rainy as of recent. There are pleasant days in June with a trace of spring still in the air. I would say that the best months to visit Japan is during either May-June or September-October in terms of weather..
Rain in early June. Late June-early July gets quite hot and very humid.
Probably pretty mild. Around 20-25 Celsius. Could be rainy some days, though.

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