just found this iPhone app. traveling to Jilin City 4/1/11 through 4/5/22 from the US. Any travel information would be appreciated....

...second visit to China thanks


Country: China


Of course you have the previous experience, but you sound a little new to china. So I have a big tip that all foreigners should think about before traveling to china. Pack Light! Don't lug around 50 pounds of suitcases. Bring enough clothes to last a week. After soiling your clothes, then have it washed at a local cleaner. So cheap to do this, and may even save you money on checked baggage.
Thank you. I do agree and always try to travel as lite as possible.
I am more concerned about what to expect traveling outside of the major cities like Shanghai and Hong Kong and to experience more of "rural" China. Especially that far north in the country. I have hired a guide and was invited by someone I met on my last trip. The culture fascinates me and I did have a good experience my first trip which was to Shanghai for the Expo. Thank you for your response

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