Marrakech or Casablanca for a city break next month? #travel #morocco


Country: Morocco


to be honest marrakech is more interesting for a city break.marrakech has a own real culture.if you need more informations i can help you to organise a nice sejour in my beautifull city.just contact me on localyte.thank s.
yea from marakeche to be honest marakech is nice for city break but after marakech there is nice places to see like ouzoud falls its about 120m high and there is more nice places to see if you want you can contact me and i can give you more information and can organise for you also nice tour around morocco here is my mail
Marrakech is more interesting and there lot of things to see and to admire. However, casablanca is a huge city.
We recommend you Marrakech rather than Casablanca.
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Good trip
Marrakech of course..
see my blog:
Casablanca could be any other large city around the Mediterannean -almost 5 M people caught in the rat race).
Marrakech is the smooth esthetically positive interaction between the medieval and the hot and fashionable. Buildings from 1072 - yes 11 th century- within a walking distance from restaurants, cafes, bars and other venues that would make many hot spots in Manhattan look pale and dull. And the people-skip the vending fauna- are just loveable. No hesitation: Marrakesh!
On my first visit to Morocco. I liked Marrakech it has good hotels, restaurants/cafes, shopping, sightseeing and very good night life. Also if you have time I recommend going to Agadir on the coast. I heard negative reviews about Casablanca so never visited it. Hope this helps

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