What is the length of stay in Peru with a passport


Country: Peru


With a Passport you´ll be granted 90 days.
As in any country you be granted for three months, you can extend ot leaving and coming back tonthe countrtu from any of the ftontiers .

You can also ask for the working visa or bussiness visa
Actually, since two years, Peruvian custom officers are obliged to give you 183 days at the border if you ask for that. If you don't ask, they will give you 90 days, or even only 30, and you would have to pay for extra months. But if you plan to stay longer, please say at the border "quisiera quedarme un medio año, me puede dar 183 días por favor?" and they will give you six months for free.
Good luck!
if you ask for it they might give you up to 180 days after that you will ay one dolar per day until you leave the conutry.

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