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My friends and I are going there and we would like suggestions on places to go and things to do or see..


Country: Italy


as it is your first visit to Italy you must go to Roma, Ferenzi and Venezia. Don't miss the Vatican , St Peter church, Piazza Navona, the colliseum, fontana de trevi in Roma. In Ferenzi, you have to visit the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio and of course the art galleries like Uffizi where you will discover the fascinating worl of Michelangelo and Boticcelli. In Venezia , you will visit St Marco place with its magnificant church and don't forget to take the gondola for a unique and romantic tour in the canals of the island.
Dear Ghada,
if it's your first time in Italy, you have surely to go to Rome. The "Caput Mundi" is one of the most beautiful city all over the world.
Ancient history, incredible landmarks, tradition, food and fun are the secrets of Rome.
You can start your visit from the Colosseo, the symbol of the capital. Built between 70-80 d.C. by Tito and Vespasiano, it was the arena where gladiators used to fight and patricians romans used to enjoy this "spectacular". You can go on with the Arc of Costantino and then visiting the Fori Imperiali, the place where ancient roman politics used to control the emperor. From "Via dei Fori Imperiali" you will reach Piazza Venezia: it's a really historic square in Roma. In front of this, you can admire the magnificient Altare della Patria, built by Giuseppe Sacconi in 1899, a present for the new reign of Italy. But you can't miss Via del Corso, the main street for shopping which connect you with Piazza del Popolo. You have of course to visit the baroque Piazza di Spagna and the famous Fontana di Trevi, location of the movie La dolcevita of Federico Fellini.
Rome offers the Gardens of Villa Borghese, where you can choose between relax on the grass or visiting the famous Galleria Borghese, where you can admire the masterpieces of Gianlorenzo Bernini, the famous baroque artist. But Rome offers again the elegant Piazza Navona with its cool cafés, and Campo de' Fiori, the rendez-vous for the nightlife. The Pantheon, heritage of ancient roman architecture, and the picturesque quartier of Trastevere are other must of Roma. Finally, you can't miss the Basilica di San Pietro, in the Vaticano State: the wonderfull Cupola of Michelangelo, the Sixtine Chapel and the sculpture "Pietà" inside are a masterpieces you won't forget. To go on excursion, I suggest you the Roman Castles where you can also taste typical wines but also Villa Adriana in Tivoli. Have a nice journey..!!! :) Eleonora
I suggest you to visit Venice, Florence and Rome. If you are planning your vacation on May, June, July, August and September I also recommend you to visit “la costiera Amalfitana” like Amalfi, Sorrento and absolutely Capri.
First time comers shouldn't miss the most important art-cities in the world: Venice, Florence, Rome.
Venice is a unique city in the world, and if you are short of time or on a budget, one day is enough.
Florence means also the great region of Tuscany with its rolling hills, nice and friendly people, amazing cooking traditions, Chianti wine, art city like Siena and medieval boroughs almost intact like Monteriggioni and San Gimignano. This may mean 2 or 3 days in Florence.
Rome is the Ethernal city, 3 times capital in 2,800 year of history, probably the most complex city to understand today in the world. But Rome is also the Vatican with the Basilica, the Sistine Chaple and the Vatican Museums to which only the Louvre in Paris may compare for complexity and cultural richeness. A couple of days are just enough to get the flavour of a city where you may spend a life.
The Gulf of Naples, with its fantastic Capri island (a world venue) the archaeological areas of Pompey and Herculanum, the splendid beaches, the Amalfi Coast, is an area where you may spend a week.
With regards to your questions,Italy is rich of culture and there is a lot to do from sightseeing to museums, opera, great food and shopping. I need you to be more specific about your interests and about the length of your vacation. I highly recommend you Rome for its countless monuments, works of art, spectacular architecture, ancient culture, fun and of course shopping districts!
This all depends on what your interests are. If you are interested in Food and Wine then you must visit Tuscany, south of Florence. If you are interested in art and culture, rome is a must see because you have everything you could possibly wwant, art than spans the centuries from every era, amazing food, a real "Italian" city. If you like architecture, of course, Rome, but Florence is a must see. Bolzano is lovely, in fact you could spend years in Italy, it is THAT diverse. But I suggest Rome as a first stop and please give it more than 3 days, Rome desreves time and attention.
Italy is beautiful, so every corner has something to tell. I suggest you to choose Tuscany as your start. The main city is Florence of course, but there is another part of this region particularly interesting to visit. I refer to Lucca, a great town, surrounded by wide walls, where you can experience the full round in the nature on foot or by bike: wonderful really! Lucca let you have unforgetable memories. It seems to live in the past.
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