hi, any info u can give me for Hawaii? Places to see, stay, eat?


State: Hawaii

Country: United States


Hi there. My name is Keith. I am a professional travel writer for the island of Maui.
I have written over 50 articles on great things to see and do on Maui, which can be read here:

Other tips about Hawaii in general:
I would highly recommend visiting the islands during the winter and spring (Jan - June), as this is whale season, and you will be able to see humpbacks everywhere. If you want relaxing beautiful landscapes come to Maui or Kauai. If you want to be touristy and not really drive anywhere, go to Oahu's Waikiki.

Hope that helps.

First choose the island you want to visit. Then check visitor's bureau for that island, or go to a site like to see what the island has to offer, and plan accordingly.

Or choose your island and come back here and ask about that island. Many people think going to Oahu/Honolulu will get them to all Hawaii. The volcano is on Hawaii, not Oahu. Waikiki has a Las Vegas type of appeal, without the gambling. Maui is fun on a smaller scale, kind of chic in its way. Kauai has amazing hiking, and night life in Poipu. Lanai has limited places to stay, is laid back, scenic. Molokai is old Hawaii, and extremely rural. Hawaii, also called the Big Island, has the volcano and waterfalls, resorts and hiking. It is the most diverse, and at the same time, is very rural other than Hilo and parts of Kohala and Kona.

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