Hi there, Does anybody know, where to buy "slimming plasters" (plasters which help "burning" fat tissue, especilly the tummy area). My...

...wife tells me it is a Japanese product, however not being available here in Thailand. As we are going to Korea the in Oct we thought we could purchase it there.


Country: South Korea


hello and sawasdeecap! haha

There are two areas of the city you can check. Myeong-dong is a huge shopping district and the most popular area for Japanese tourists. So if this product is Japanese, then you will find in around there.

The second place is Ap-ju-jeong. This is a district that has a LOT of plastic surgeons and skin care shops. If this exists as a treatment, it will be there.
I just have searched internet..there don't have enough Korea if you can see anything on internet it means you can find hardly in real life. there is a site for chinese product..(phone 1588 0628) but i think it has language problem,,so i am sure this is the best way..
you find korean where you are living( there are many koreans and usually they will do..^^ ) and ask to search and call to them..
the other online site is for japanese has any slimming plaster ( I think because korean don't use it so much. if then you are going to any palstic surgeon or beauty shop here. they have answer.. don't worry^^ kangnam and ap-ku-jung dong area there is millions of plastic sergeon and beauty shops.. ) because i guess the company deal with only hospital or shops.. that's the reasons we can see on computer.. and i will call to that company which i said first tomorrow.. thday is sunday.

You can get this treatment at some day spas. They may be able to either sell it to you or advise as to where you can purchase it.
I don't know which product you want exactly. I think this product. visit this website and see products.
Send email to this company and ask.
Hi... i think it is from japan.
but we have same product from japan.
here is website in korea.
thailand having lots of diet product.of course you can buy in thailand. did you tried MBK,night bazaar,department store....

any place you can find and get easily.

i bought burning fat cream in thailand ,very cheap price then korea.

i am korean but i think buying thailand is more better choice.

but if you want purchase in korea ,using internet.

may i can help.
Thank you very much for this hint!

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