My hubby and 16 year old son are going to a Clippers game tonight. Any other activities or attractions near Staples that would good...

...for them


City: Los Angeles

State: California

Country: United States


The new Grammy Museum is adjacent to Staples Center and is a wonderful homage to the celebration of music. Another historic activity I always recommend is dining at the Original Pantry Cafe, c1924. Both are walking distance and great add-ons to a day in Downtown L.A.
The ESPN Zone directly across from Staples has 12 screens going! Totally amazing. You can sit in a booth and have your own private monitor and have a great $13 burger. Much better food than at Staples. It's a wild ride in there if you like college basketball (with the tourney going on).

Also, if you just like food, there are a million other places to grab something. Another good deal is Lawry's sandwiches just around the corner. Good grub.

For fun, it's just cool to walk around the complex a bit at LA LIVE. Across from Staples. As another mentioned, the Grammy Museum is great too but that will take a bit of time to enjoy.

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