If one is staying in Downtown Chicago, which airport is easier/better to use: Midway or O'hare?


City: Chicago

State: Illinois

Country: United States


Both airports are easily accessible by both airports. O'Hare's is easier to navigate to the CTA. At that rate youre better off flying into the airport that is cheaper!
Midway is aproximately 12 Miles from Downtown and O'Hare is aprox 20 Miles. Both are accessible. Midway tends to be less crowded, where as O'Hare is larger and boasts more flights and choices.
If you are driving, Midway is about 10-15 minutes closer than O'hare, but is a smaller airport, which doesn't offer as many flight options, however sometimes you can find cheaper flights. If you are taking public transportation, via the el, they are both very easy, with the blue line running straight to O'Hare, and the orange line to Midway. It will take about 45 minutes to an hour for either. I suggest shopping around for the best flight cost, because both airports are accessible from any downtown hotel. Have a great trip in Chicago!

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