If I haven't been to #Israel in 5 years, what new restaurants must I try & review? What new places must I visit?


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That's a pretty broad question--there are a TON of new places in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv. Eilate etc, way too many to detail here. I suggest keeping up with them all at the site. is a good place to start for Jerusalem places, for instance. Having said that, I'll recommend a few of my favorites--Angelica on Schatz Street in Jerusalem is one of the best kitchens in town. MahaneYuda,in the rapidly gentrifying Machane Yehuda area is another one to try (reservations a must) As for new places to visit: don't miss the restored Israel Mjuseum--nothing like the old pre-2010 Israel Museum.There's a new road to Wadi Kelt making access to the monastery and the valley MUCH easier. Mamilla Mall outside Jaffa Gate--you'll either love it or hate it...all of these are new in the past 5 years.
Don't forget the City of David - even though you may have been there, there is always something new and loads of new finds in the past 5 years. Also the newly rebuilt Hurva Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.
Not dramatic changes in the last 5 years. Caesarea has moor mosaics.
South of Jerusalem Herodion is a great site to visit with the tomb of Herod the great.
In the city of David in Jerusalem they are digging all time and few of the new ones are open for visit.
You have to visit Nazareth, lots of new restaurants, all are good, and lots of attractive places, the renovated old market, a bustling, colorful Middle Eastern bazaar . and the pilgrims way. Nazareth village, brings to life a farm and Galilean village, recreating Nazareth as it was 2,000 years ago.
THE MOUNT OF THE LEAP OF THE LORD (Mount of Precipice), where the Pope visited, and many many more

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