Volunteering in Huarez or Huancayo this April/next month.

My family (kids under ten) is going to tour around Peru and then volunteer for two weeks. We are considering two places (Huarez and Huancayo) where we can teach english, teach sports, etc. I don't know anything about either of these cities. Of course, safety is a priority. In addition to that, does anyone have any thoughts on which would be a better place, have better weather (less rain) or anything else for that matter. Would either place be considered unsafe? We expect to be there the first two weeks in April of 2011 (just a few weeks from now) and need to confirm soon. I really appreciate the help! Thanks.


Country: Peru


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Thanks for coming to Peru and for volunteering! We hope that you include a tour around San Martin, Tarapoto is the closest airport to us and we are within the Cordillera Escalera conservation area. You can check pictures of our area and what we do in my facebook (Jose Andres Perez Venero). We are a community with about 15 kids that have no secondary education, they study on the weekends only so we welcome any support... Thanks again and enjoy your tour!

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