Favorite hostel in #Tokyo? I need a place for 1 night between Kobe & Narita on JR line. Please share.


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


I dont know much about hostels here, but I think Kobe and Narita are too far from each other to recommend you where you should stay. It's about 600km apart, and it should take 3~4hours by train.
Anyways, if you still need to stay somewhere in between, I would say Nagoya or Shizuoka:)
hi, here got arthquake today.i feeling little traumatic..
When you coming Japan?This time season going to brossam many flower!Actually i never been to Kobe.I not sure ,but if you coming tokyo, I d recommend go Asakusa temple!Supecially night time.If you have time lets go look around near temple nd narrow street,They have many small,but japanese beautiful scean!

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