Is it possible to visit the keys for one day only and where does one go to rent a boat to do so?


City: Miami

State: Florida

Country: United States


To be honest, No, there is some much relaxation, and water-sports while visiting the Fla Keys, it would be a waste, just the travel from even Miami would get you as far as Islamorada at Robbie's Marina, where you can rent the boat, but the time you get out on the water your going to have 2 hrs for enjoyment, then 1 hr to get back in, then drive another 1 1/2 to get to Miami, if that is your destination. My suggestion "Don't do it.
You may but you will want to stay more than a couple of hours if you have more time available. Yes you can rent s boat. Have a great time even if it's only for a day :) locals do it all the time !

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