where can i find craft shops looking for Thai ribbon, handmade paper and scrapbook shops


Country: Thailand


Chinatown, there is lot of shop but usually for whole sale. I remember that in Chiang Mai they also sell handmade paper book from elephant faeces....
in Bangkok, there're lots of shops. you can find them easily in any department store, such as Central World, Siam Paragon. But if you want cheap price, you shoul buy them at Chatuchak weekend market. there're lots of shops and cheaper than department store so you can choose the best one which you like.
Right. You can try to find China Town or Weekend Market.
You can find craft shops and handmade paper in Sankanpeng and scrap book shops(book second hand?) near Thapae Gate. I Not understend, "looking for Thai ribbon"? What is/are e for What? Please can you explane me to give help you.
Please clarify your answer, you looking to buy these items or you have these to sell to the shops?
The question is a bit strangely worded. But if you want to buy these articles, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket are the places to go. Just also ask at art shops. B2B are also a good supply store for these items. They are in Central Festival in Phuket.
The further north you go - the cheaper it is. But where are you going?
Yes,you can find almost everything at weekend market where you can pratice you bargain skill :)
For Thai ribbon: There is one shop that I know of on Charaen Krung Rd/Chinatown, close to Ha Yaek (intersection of 5 streets). Sampeng Lane in Chinatown could do, too.
For handmade paper look on the street booths on Silom (around Soi 22) and Sukumvit (around Soi 15).
jatuchak weekend markets is best choice,then department stores(central world,mbk) suan lum night bazar,if u like very local markets go tawanna in bangkapi mall,you can go there by canal boat from pratunam,that is nice and faster than bus
Chaina town is a big places. You have to go Sompang area in Chaina town, and also in Chatujak week end market.
Chiang Mai for the books , Bo Sang - San Patong for the SA paper.
if your asking infomation within Bangkok then goto the weekend market as you will find all you are looking for there. the people are friendly so they will point you in the right direction , for more info happy shopping
Try looking around siam square. There are some craft stores around there.
you can buy them in Patong shopping areas in Phuket
All their answers are various and very nice I agree with them.
All answers are super and i agree, but wanna try something else, TRY THIS. There's a hidden little market in Bangkok, which most people will not know about unless they either work or live near it. It's a gem of a market that sells wonderful things. Tourists don't know about it, which also means the prices stay low. It has no name - not what I know about - but follow these simple directions and you will find it.

The easiest way to get to it is to take the sky train to Asok BTS station, or the underground to the Sukhumvit station. From here, you can either take a motorcycle taxi or walk. Head up Ratchadaphisek Road and cross over Sukhumvit going in the direction towards the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, but stay on the left hand side of the street. If you take the motorcycle, ask the driver to go to Lake Ratchada Office Complex. If you walk, keep walking on the left hand side of the street for about 5 minutes and you'll eventually come to a street market. On the main street, most of the stalls are food stalls but take a look around and you will find everything.

Good luck
sampeng is located near chinatown is a good place to find that stuff.
sampeng is located near chinatown is a good place to find that stuff.
The answers given are already good. Only one remark. If you want to buy a lot, go to china town, whole-sellers at sampaeng lane. If you need small quantities the above markets will do.

Have fun.

Easy answer is "almost anywhere in Chiang Mai". Of course if you where there, you'd know that. As your profile is blank, we can't give you much more information.
you can buy in many place in bangkok (department store, khao san road etc..)and in chiangmai (night bazar -sunday market) if you need a factory contact me.
Company Name : Sentimental Plus Company Limited

Establishment : 1998

Address : 599/69 Ban Klang Muang, Srinakarin Rd, Samrong Nua, Muang Samutprakan, Samutprakan, 10270, Thailand

Factories : Sankampang, Chaingmai, Thailand

Products :

Handmade Paper - plain, floral, batik, wrinkle, skeleton leaves, pine apple, mango, banana Machine Paper - colorful, banana bark, mango bark, fancy, two tones, metallic, wrinkle - available as sheet or roll
Product From Mulberry - gift bag, wine bag, notebook, journal, stationery, album, frame, envelope, boxes, letter set, ribbon, string, etc.
Greeting Card - Christmas, New Year, wedding, valentine, occasional, gift card, invitation card
Skeleton Leaves - Po, Rubber - natural, colored, metallic
Embroidered Lace - white, color, metallic
Accessories - flower, star, bird, butterfly, heart, mulberry string, etc.
Product Origin : Thailand

Workmanship : Thai

Web site:
Thank you all very much for you helpful and detailed responses
Chatuchak weekend market
you can go to weeken market or book shop or night market in bangkok

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