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BJ's is probably the best one in town. Worth a visit and the following after loving it.
Priest in the Vatican... :D
alabastro bar(if it still exists...)
Try the Windsurfer and Portofino on the main strip.
Oura Bar in Praia d'Oura is good
The local bars around the Santa Eulalia Hotel are good also
In the Old Town there is a great bar called "The Steps" and very friendly too.
Other good bars are: Henry's Bar, Geordie Pride, Sinatra's Pub, Holiday's Bar, Erin's Isle and Merlin's Bar.
Hope this helps! :0)
Go downtown. In the main street of Albufeira you have many pubs. One of the best is "The Englishman" that has an english owner.
Hi and wellcome to Portugal you can go to Liberto's Bar in Areia de São João Albufeira or to kiss disco it very near.

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Linekers Bar

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Hi there,
I not a fan of albufeira, but maybe this web site can help you.

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you have near albufeira a street called rua da oura there you 'll find a lot of discos pubs restaurants etc... is one is one of the best places to go out in algarve
dont bother with any go to somewhere else....
Hi there,
It depends what you fancy.
If you like to go to english/irish pubs, than go to the Strip (Rua da oura is the portuguese name), on the upper part there is Sinatra's bar, and a real good irish one just a bit above this, Erin's isle. But the down part also have hundreds of pubs, karaoke places, restaurants. Try the Wild & CO, which is just the end of the Strip (closest to the sea).
If you prefer a bit cosier environment, less english look-alike pubs, but good ones, than go to the Old town (called Baixa). The best pubs/bars are: Bank, Atrium, Twist, Piccadily, Las Vegas, they are all together, easy to find them, everyone knows it.

I read that someone proposed you the Linekers, don't go there, it's closed down.

Shout if you need more.
Albufeira is the south of Portugal. I live in the north.....
no answers for you:(
when i got to albufeira i like to so to the bars on the oura strip , and also the "The Englishman"
Old town Albufeira: Sir Harry's Bar (live music pub), Rock Café (live rock) Metz Bar (Lima's local bar), Flannery's Irish Bar, Casa do Cerro (oriental style lounge bar)

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