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I,m thinking of booking a holiday to Egypt. What is the best resort for diving Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, El Gouna or Marsa Alam?


Country: Egypt


best resort for diving is sharm el sheikh particularly in ras mohamed
ras muhamed is not a resort so,plz dont answer if u dont know ...thx
Do not hesitate either Sharm El-Shiekh,Hurghada,El-Gouna or Marsa Alam all of them have alot of diving centres from the best in the world.
I promise you that you will enjoy every time here in are welcome any time.
you are welcome in Egypt and all resorts that you said are wonderful try to go to all of them and don't miss any of them i hope to enjoy your time in Egypt if you want to contact me just reply to my msg i hope to enjoy your time in Egypt
from my opinion.. Marsa Alam is the best
& u can book in RedSea diving safari Center is the best diving agency there
enjoy & try to have alot of fun there
Welcome to Egypt
you are welcome
to everywhere in Egypt,if you interest in diving so you can go to sharm elsheikh specially to Ras Mohammed and I hope that you will enjoy your time in Egypt sir.
***hi Gary i can see that u still have enough time to get more than on offer or advise so take ur time to decide wher u want to go as all the sites on the red sea r consedered the same and all one of the best diving spots in the world.
***anyway ur decision will depend on the price,and i will give one of my best offers in dahab as i think that u will get the best offer there.
hello my name is Safa i'm Night auditor at Baron Resort sharm El-shiekh if u want to spent a realy good time i can give a special rat just email me at
all of them are great, but i prefer rass mohamad
all of those palces are suitable for diving but for me i like El Gouna sooooo much wish u enjoy ur holday :)
Hi,The best resort for diving in Sharm El Sheikh particullary in Naama bay or Ras Mohammed,I wish you enjoy in Egypt.
hi scuba
i see hurghada is the most lovly place to make diving there are alot of Wonderful corals and also marsa alam
i hope to have a nice trip in egy :)
Camel diving center it is also a good resort in Naama Bay & the most huge diving center in sharm
Hi Gary,

Wow, there's some very strong opinion here :) The short answer to your question is that there's no "best" resort. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Sharm is very 'busy' as a town goes; it's by far the most resort-like of the various Egyptian diving destinations, and hosts nightclubs including a Pascha/Ministry of Sound, tons of bars and restaurants, and is to all intents and purposes a holiday resort which also has some (world-class) diving. Diving-wise, Na'ama Bay is not (despite some of the answers here) actually a diving destination. There's some diving there, but they're not great sites - the good ones are reachable by boat, and the Travco jetty hosts hundreds of boats and thousands of people each morning as they all set out to dive the Ras Mohammed national park, the Thistlegorm and Dunraven wrecks (and a few others which are on the Sha' Abu Nahas reef and dived less) and dozens and dozens of reef sites inside and outside of "Ras Mo" as it's known locally. The diving is suitable for beginners and experienced divers.

Hurghada is much smaller and more traditional. It still has the western McDonalds etc you'd get in Sharm, but it's more Egyptian in feel). In the water, the diving is a little different to Sharm - less reef sites, and no Thistlegorm. The Rosalie Moller is close to Hurghada and provides a truly world-class wreck dive and there are local sites too. The reduced number of sites is reflective of the lower tourist numbers, rather than a lack of choice, and the diving here is excellent and also well suited to beginners and experienced divers alike.

El Gouna is an "eco town" and offers perhaps a little less choice in terms of diving than both Sharm and Hurghada. It's positioned more as a resort town than a town with resorts, and if you're looking for a quiet getaway with some diving, El Gouna could well be what you're looking for. It lacks the "big stuff" of Marsa Alam and the wrecks and national parks of Sharm and Hurghada, but is a nice place.

Marsa Alam is further south still, and offers less choice for beginner and inexperienced divers. There certainly are sites there which are suitable for beginners (Abu Dabbab, for example, hosts a turtle and dugong population and is a shallow easy dive) but the real draw for Marsa Alam is the "big stuff" out at Elphinstone and Daedalus reef - both diveable only be reasonably experienced divers and in good weather.

You don't mention Dahab in your list of resorts, but it's also worth of consideration. The other respondent who mentioned Dahab is talking about the Happy Life Village, which lies outside of town and requires a taxi ride to get anywhere - unless you're looking for a "beach only" holiday it's probably not a good choice. The town of Dahab itself is small and friendly, and the diving is almost entirely shore diving - which means it doesn't have boat schedules to contend with. If you want to start at 8, you start at 8. If you want to start at 10, you start at 10. It's also close enough to Sharm that it's possible to do Thistlegorm and Ras Mohammed as a day-trip. For a relaxing holiday with a bit of a town, a sense of being in Egypt experience (no McDonalds or KFC in sight!) and some great diving, Dahab would be my choice. And, in fact, that's why I chose to live here. :)

If you'd like a reply with more information (and prices) for Dahab, by all means drop me a reply. Otherwise, I can happily recommend a few hotels and dive centres in Sharm. Hurghada, El Gouna and Marsa Alam I've only visited as a tourist, so don't really know the hotels and dive centres well enough to recommend one over the other.
*** hi gary by the way u will not need more than 7 max. to enjoy ur pro diving course and get the certificate.
*** hi gary by the way u will not need more than 7 max. to enjoy ur pro diving course and get the certificate.
***if u have any question contact me my e.mail is .
I prefer Sharm, they have underwater gardens like Ras El Muhammed, Ras El Sid, they have diving trips for the whole day. It's underwater coral gardens, very beautiful! And what a variety of fishes!
I can organize any trip to Egypt for you with affordable price if you decide,
Best regards
Elena Power
I think Hurghada will be the best place for diving. However, snorkling is best In sharm coz it has this protectorate Ras Mahamad which is soo beautiful. it will be the best thing that u ever see. I also recomend u travelling around the whole sinai, It is cheap to travel around by bus and u get to enjoy the whole area!
Regard TOTO
hi.there are many places for diving and sharm u can try ras mohamed.dahab blu hole.hurghada .el giftun island.and u can try el qusier and marsa alam as well they are v nice
we have a tour guide who is aninstructor there can arrange for 250 a day
Hi ... without thinking i think u should book in sharm elsheikh the most beautiful dive spot in the world . ras muhamed contain 17 dive spot 3rd national park all over the world also tiran island contain 6dive spot plus the local dive site ,,, dont hestitate and go for sharm el sheikh . enjoy ur staying there ...
Go to Dahab ( Red Sea)
Special offer: one week in Dahab ( Red Sea), dive as much as you like

-Accomodation in hotel*** in Twin room B&B
-Transfers from/to Sharm el Sheikh airport
-Guided dive every day as many as you like
-Open water course or advance or any other course and as many guided dives as you like in the following days.

Price per person 380 Euro excluded flight ,
Service or Activity: 50$ & 35$
Start Date: July 12, 2009
Duration: 2 Weeks 55$ per 1 pax 1 per night 5 star hotel
I noticed that you have not mentioned Taba Heights on your list of possible diving sites. It is not too far away from Dahab that someone gave you a tip about earlier. It is a lot less crowded than Sharm and Hurghada you don't need to spend any time in a transfer bus just to get to your diving boat everything is right there in the resort with easy proximity.
They have some great dive sites so definitively worth considering as well. Check out the resort website.
Their Diving collage, Red Sea Waterworld just received an award for best Dive Centre

Best of luck.
The Best diving spot now in red sea area is Marsa alam,as it is still virgin area.and thier you can have nice diving with sharks or dolphins
each one contains many diving center and with appropriate price ..dunt worry u will enjoy it extermly ..have a nice time

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