What is the best way to get to SFO from here without a car?


City: San Mateo

State: California

Country: United States


Take caltrain from San Mateo to Millbrae. Farewise, that would be from zone 3 to zone 2:
Well, not sure where "here" is but if you're talking about the actual airport SFO or the City. In any case, if you're talking about getting to the airport then a shuttle is the answer. If you're talking about coming to the City from out of state then either train or air.
Not sure if that's any help without knowing here!
Take Cal Train from San Mateo to Millbrae and then walk, take the bart or take a cab. If you are flush simply take a cab. Depending on what time you are going. I could give you a ride. Since I work in San Mateo
Not sure where you are coming from. That would be helpful.

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