will I be bothered by Mosquitos in luxor


Country: Egypt


no , don't worry hotels take a good care of this point of mosquitoes , but just don't leave the windows opened as much as possible , because there are too many vampires and bats come from the window ,
thanks for your advice
no dont worry about the mosquitos and if u thought that might bothered u there is a spray as i remember it called OFF u can put it on ur skin helps u to get away of mosquitos and flus
thanks for your advice
thanks for your advice
thanks for your advice
Normally if you're going to be near a the river Nile you may encounter some mosquitoes in the open air,so you'd probably need a repellent if you're allergic,but normally it's OK,and concerning hotels,of course if you're staying in an air conditioned room you wouldn't be bothered by mosquitoes,and if you're staying in a room without an AC then close your net windows just in case :) I wish you a bon voyage and you're welcome to drop me a line if you need anything in Alexandria.
thanks for your advice
yes you will be bothered by mosqitues in luxor because the tempreature is kinda high there but you can buy a spray called OFF and dont worry
No worries man
no dude you will not be bothered but for making sure nothing will bother you can get the spray that people who go to fishing use its call off and have nice time in Luxor any more Qu feel free to ask
befriend with them, and they will not bother you, i used to live there and they were my friends, they never bothered me, ...well... sometimes
Don't care about it :)
you could enjoy places there without being bothered,I travelled to Egypt before and i found it amazing the Luxor,,,even i forgot that there were mosquitos !
sometimes yes u will be bothered
but if u r in a hotel they will take care of it
David you already have lots of answers to your question. Anywhere there is water in Egypt you will get some mosquitoes, more at some times of the year than others. To be honest I get more bothered by little sandfly like creatures than mossies. Still a good repellant is important. However, don't worry about malaria, there have been no reported cases for many years.If I can help you in any other way don't hesitate to ask.

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
thanks for your advice
dap your skin with lime juice and keep few in your bag when you are outdoors(lime is available everywhere in egypt)
No worries man
most probably u will be bothered in open air areas,, esp not good ventilated ones.. in hotels .. its impossible to be bothered by them.. as far as i am concerned..
at night time you will need to use spray to keep them of your skin.

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