What's a good sushi place in the West Village?


City: New York

State: New York

Country: United States


Soto or Japonica
you can try, Matsuri 369 west 16th street near ninth ave. number is 212 243 6400.

Matsuri is that rarest of things: a grand, lavishly decorated Japanese restaurant where the food lives up to the room. not ridiculous priced.

Blue Ribbon Sushi, 19 sullivan street #A

"This is the best sushi in the city!!!!... Always fresh and well presented. Sitting at the bar is even better. Watching the chefs carve up the slabs of fish and making it into a artful presentation. The Rock Shrimp app is to die for"‎
If it has to be really close to the West Village then go to Tomoe Sushi on Thompson St. between Houston and Bleecker. Otherwise the best sushi tends to be in the East Village, especially at Jewel Bako on E. 5th St.

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